Resident? Identity? Citizen? Age? under voter ID card

Why the Public Distrusts Elections

In order to vote in this country, you need to be eighteen years of age or older, a resident of a jurisdiction within the state, and a citizen.

The residency information is needed to assign the new registrant to a precinct to determine which candidates the registrant can vote for.

Same day ‘motor voter’ registration currently allows new registrants to get on the voter rolls based solely on their Nevada driver’s license information. That information will satisfy the age criteria for voting, assuming the driver’s license is not a fake (ever have one of those?). The DL may not confirm the correct residency address, as the driver’s license information may be dated if the holder of same moved and did not notify the DMV of their new address.

In no way will the driver’s license confirm the citizenship criteria for voting as it does not list the holder’s place of birth.

While the Registrar of Voters, with sufficient time, can confirm the current residency by cross checking against other records, such as the County Assessor’s property records, public utility records, Social Security registration, etc., doing so takes time, staff, and a well-coordinated system to do so.

Confirming citizenship requires a birth certificate, naturalization paper or passport be presented.

And for registered voters who pass away, removing them promptly from our voter roles should be a priority of the Registrar. Currently, the Washoe County Registrar does not cross check her voter rolls with the County Medical Examiner’s records of deceased county residents, but relies on the distant federal Bureau of Vital Statistics (DHHS) reports. Whose records are likely to be more accurate and current?

Assuring that only citizens of the appropriate age and locale vote is a bedrock principle of our republic.

The lack of due diligence by Registrars of Voters assures less than accurate voter rolls and feeds the public’s distrust of our electoral system.

By Thomas G. Daly

Thomas Daly is a U.S. citizen and a registered voter in Washoe County precinct 8271.