Jeff Church Candidate 2024

Retired Police Sergeant & WCSD Trustee Calls for Back-Up

Jeff Church, Candidate

I’m Watchdog Jeff Church, and I’m running for re-election as the District A Trustee on the Washoe County School District (WCSD) serving South Reno and Incline Village. I am a retired Police Sergeant and USAF Lieutenant Colonel, the “get ‘er done” candidate. I need back-up!

I stand on my record as a tireless advocate for transparency, parental rights, school choice, and above all, quality of education. For the last 3+ years I have been the one-to-six vote for YOU as a WCSD Trustee!

WCSD has failed us year after year. There are four seats that will be filled in this election, so we need to elect change-oriented folks in all races. That means throwing out the incumbents who impede improvement.

For years, my website,, has been the “go to” site for district stats and information to help constituents know what is really happening in the school district. Critics hate the website. They tried to censure me and censor the website! They even threatened to sue me on the WCSD website!

My publication, the “Washoe Schools Examiner” newsletter (copy on request), keeps you up-to-date with district news. To be clear, without dedicated people like me committed to transparency, a veil of secrecy will descend on the district as scores plummet.

How bad is it? Far worse than you can imagine.

The district hides violence. Violent incidents against teachers, staff, and students are covered up! In the first 110 days of 2022-2023, WCSD had 7,418 violent incidents. How did the district respond? They simply stopped reporting the bad numbers.

WCSD Violence Data

Since the slide below was released, the graduation rate decreased to 81%. Enrollment continues to drop as more private schools open and parents flee! Enrollment decreased from about 64,500 to under 60,000, and absences increased from 24% to 31%.


WCSD Enrollment

What can and should you do?

  • Do nothing and let a curtain of secrecy descend over WCSD as scores go down and violence goes up (wrong answer).
  • Vote for Jeff Church and other mainstream candidates in your district.
  • Donate your time or money to the candidate of your choice, host a “Meet & Greet.”
  • Email all Trustees at to voice your opinions and concerns.
  • Join the various State and WCSD Committees on Education.
  • If you are a parent, ask to visit your school and sit in on classes.
  • Look up your kid’s school at and check out that school’s report card.

WCSD STAR Ratings 18/19 and 22/23

Jeff Church is a current WCSD Trustee elected in 2020 and seeking re-election. Views are his and do not represent those of WCSD. Email: Website:

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