WCSD Superintendent Joker Candidates

WCSD Deals from the Bottom of the Deck

Community Gets a Full-House of Phony Public Meetings with Superintendent Finalists

Three-of-a-kind losers: in-house candidates
A pair of stage props: out-of-town applicants

On April 25, the Washoe County School Board held what was advertised as an Open Community Forum. The meeting’s alleged purpose: providing an opportunity to publicly question the five finalists for the WCSD Superintendent opening.

There was nothing “open” about the orchestrated meeting or the procedure for submitting questions.

The candidates rotated individually through four separate rooms of questioners: WCSD staff, students, parents, and community members. The small turnout could easily have been accommodated in one room.

  1. Questions for the candidates had to first be written down on cards.
  2. The questions were then screened and chosen by WCSD employees.
  3. Finally, IF your question was no more threatening than “What is your favorite color?” it was given to the candidates.

WCSD chose this procedure to ensure that candidates would not have to answer any challenging questions.

Upon hearing how fraudulently the candidate questioning was going to be handled, Education Crusade refused to participate in the charade and left the room.

Based on local media reports, here are some of the more meaningful explanations given by the three in-house candidates, regarding:

Their solutions for WCSD’s huge problems

Their qualifications for the superintendent position

Comments made by the two out-of-state finalists are not included here. Inside sources stated months ago that “the fix was already in” to hire WCSD employee Troy Parks. Out-of-state candidates were screened into the final interviews by the Board solely to deceive the public into thinking that a true “nationwide search for a top-quality superintendent” was being conducted.

The following four unresolved issues summarize why WCSD schools remain the worst in the nation.

  • A 30-60% chronic absence rate
  • A  50-75% in-school drug/alcohol use rate
  • Daily violent assaults and abusive behavior by students toward staff and each other
  • A functional illiteracy rate of 60-85%

What did the three in-house candidates specifically say about fixing – or even ACKNOWLEDGING – these four problems?


Here are a few examples of what the candidates DID say about their qualifications and how they would urgently address WCSD’s red hot mess (and no, I’m definitely NOT making this up.)

Candidate Paul LaMarca:

He would work hard every day. He would build community partnerships. He believes he could fix our schools, but it will take anywhere between 5 and 10 YEARS!

Candidate Joseph Ernst:

He would work hard. He would set a vision. He’s committed to this community.

Candidate Troy Parks:

He would take action. (?)
He believes we need to start – and stop doing “some things.” (?)

One of his top qualifications for being superintendent is that his family has lived here for three generations. (?)

Not one candidate said one specific word about doing the ONLY FOUR THINGS that schools are being funded to accomplish:

  1. Get our kids to attend school every day.
  2. Get our kids to attend school clean and sober.
  3. Get our kids to act respectfully and non-violently.
  4. Get our kids to learn necessary foundational skills.

The superintendent candidates’ ludicrous answers WOULD be funny …

IF they didn’t come from 3 individuals who have already been paid MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars by WCSD for many years to solve the four major problems.

NONE of the candidates have any record of solving any of these problems, and all of them have grown exponentially worse during their tenure.

This dire and dangerous situation with our schools and children will not change until our entire School Board (minus Jeff Church) is no longer in office.


“I would tell the parent or grandparent of ANY school-age child: Do whatever you have to do to keep your children OUT of our WCSD public schools, NOT just because they won’t learn, but because they won’t be safe. The existing system needs to be totally rebuilt, and those responsible for it, need to be removed … COMPLETELY!”   (Career Student Supervisor at WCSD)

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