Urinal on fire

WCSD Superintendent Promised Better Learning and Safety

Hasn’t Happened – Look at the Facts

by Paul D. White

The new WCSD school year started less than 3 weeks ago. Here’s the first progress report/verbatim statements by parents and students at Galena High School about the current situation.


  • “The Principal is horrible and they’ve already lost total control of the kids because he enforces NO rules. Kids don’t get in trouble for ANYTHING, “

So with NO consequences for bad behavior which is essentially Superintendent Enfield’s dangerously ineffective discipline plan, here’s how Galena HS students have started the new school year.


  • “When the bell rings and classes are supposed to be starting, the halls are full of kids. NO one gets in trouble, and it gets worse.”


  •  “MAYBE 5 kids in a class are doing the work and listening to the teacher. The rest are ignoring the teachers, or talking abusively to them (e.g. calling them “c#$ts”)  while the other kids eat, sleep, play on their phones, use drugs or fight.”
  • One girl poured a bottle of water over another girl’s head, and then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head so hard that it sounded like Velcro ripping when she pulled a large chunk of hair out. No consequences.”
  • “Lots of kids carry lighters for burning other kids.  I got my neck burned in class.”
  • “Teachers display the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ etc. flags, while they get kids to tell why we don’t need police officers.  I only know ONE teacher in school who doesn’t promote their personal opinions about politics and other issues.”


  • “At LEAST half the school is using drugs at school and in class every day.”
  • “Drugs are used and sold all the time with no consequences, and not just marijuana. I’ve been offered LSD, and I’ve seen used heroin needles in the bathrooms.”
  • “A girl in my class was repeatedly ducking her head under her desk, and every time, a big cloud of smoke would appear. The teacher was standing 6 feet away and said NOTHING.”


  • ”I’ve seen lots of knives and other weapons; there are many rumors of guns on campus.”


  • “Myself and many other kids almost NEVER go into the bathrooms because everything you can imagine goes on in there, and administrators don’t come in to stop it.
  • “Groups of kids claim the bathrooms as their ‘territories’ and will confront anyone coming into them.”
  • “There are no mirrors in the boys’ bathrooms because a student broke one and was purposely cutting himself with the broken pieces.  One time when I went in, a urinal was literally on fire engulfed in flames.  Kids bring tools to school and take the toilets off the floor.”
  • “I went into one bathroom and there was a bloody wire hanger on the floor (a botched abortion?).”


  • “Giant fights are common. We had a 20-on-20 fight that was so bad it took almost every teacher in the school to break it up.”


  • Black and Latino students can use any racial slurs with no consequences. White students who do the same thing are seriously disciplined.”


  • “EVERY day at lunchtime, 15-25 Galena HS students come in our little store and steal food and drinks. They don’t care when we catch them, they just laugh about it. We’ve called the school, and they won’t do anything.” (Wedge Manager, Parkway Shell Gas Station mini-store)
  • “EVERY day at lunchtime, 100-120 or more Galena students come into our Raley’s and steal expensive deli sandwiches and alcohol. There are too many for us to stop them. Once in a great while the school sends someone over, but they’re not able to stop it.” (Manager, Wedge Parkway Raley’s Market)


  •  “I hear people talk about Galena’s ‘dress code.’  I didn’t know we even had one. Example: A girl was walking around at school obviously wearing thong underwear because she had a very short shirt on, and the part of the thong around her waist and running up the middle of her butt were pulled up to her ribs.  No teachers or administrators said or did anything.”
  • “One girl said she’d had sex with 20 different 12th grade students and currently had 7 different STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases).” 

WCSD’s Sex Education program curriculum (SHARE) teaches that most students WILL be having regular sexual intercourse before they’re 18 and mentions nothing about that being illegal and morally wrong.

Nationally, 25% of all females 15-and-older have at least one STD. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5856484/

Students in WCSD schools are PROVABLY:

  • Not SAFE

What possible reason does ANY parent have for entrusting THEIR children to this dysfunctional, dangerous, and decadent system?

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