WCSD School Board’s “Transparent” Superintendent Search Already Facing Charges of Favoritism

Is “The Fix” Already In?

Education Crusade Logo with mottoWhen previous superintendent Susan Enfield recently resigned, the WCSD School Board assured county residents that they were prepared to unnecessarily spend up to $100,000 in a nationwide search for the best possible candidate (5-to-2 vote with Jeff Church and Diane Nicolet opposing the expenditure).

The Board said they were committed to a completely transparent superintendent search process. Now, barely 2 weeks into the search, that claim of transparency is unraveling.

Education Crusade has received multiple tips from WCSD employees that the Board is already planning to hire a WCSD “insider” as the new Superintendent. If true, this would mean that the School Board has lied to the public once again.

The in-house candidate most frequently mentioned – both before and since Enfield left town – is a long-time central office administrator named Troy Parks. Just before Enfield resigned at the Board meeting of November 28th, and hidden under the Consent Agenda, she attempted to make Parks her top assistant. This would have given him a definite advantage to be named as Interim Superintendent and then permanent Superintendent after Enfield’s resignation. Only after questioning by Trustee Church did Enfield admit that Troy Parks was her choice to succeed her, and her proposal was withdrawn.

Who Is Troy Parks?

The WCSD website identifies him as Chief Academic Officer (CAO), further describing that position as being in charge of all “teaching, learning, and leadership.”  A District flowchart shows that Parks’ responsibilities also include:  all 100+ schools, all principals, all 8 Assistant Superintendents, Special Education (described to Education Crusade by most teachers as “dangerously out of control,”), and all curriculum and instruction (which would include: DEI, CRT, the morally sick and scientifically inaccurate sex education curriculum, and the book selection in school libraries).



What has Troy Parks Specifically Been in Charge of as CAO and What Is His Record?

The District identifies Parks as being in charge of accomplishing the following.

  • “Demonstrate substantive annual learning progress with all served student groups”
    (WCSD students have averaged last-in-the-nation over the past 10+ years, their academic test scores are steadily decreasing, and the gap between the achievement of Asian/White students vs. Black/Latino students has greatly increased.
  • “Students will be prepared and ready for the academic challenges that lie ahead of them.”
    90% of WCSD graduates don’t qualify for the LOWEST level college classes.
  • “Meeting the social-emotional needs of each student.”

Over the past 5+ years, student suicides, campus drug use and overdose deaths, mental breakdowns, violence, disruptive classroom behavior, gang activity, Code Red and Yellow Alerts, and chronic absenteeism have ALL increased exponentially.

  • “Supporting all teachers, principals, staff, and families.”

Teachers and staff: Assaults on teachers and staff have become a daily occurrence–so severe and frequent that it’s resulted in a huge teacher shortage.
Principals: One-fourth of all principals were removed from their positions within the past year. Why was there no explanation for this unusual and extreme action?
Families: Policies have been passed (4500 and 4505) that make it impossible for parents to make meaningful classroom and campus visits to their children’s schools and report on what they see.


Based on this information, why would Troy Parks even be rumored to be named as Superintendent? Why would he be considered the “top candidate” when other candidates have not even been reviewed and Parks seems to have failed miserably in his current position?

Parks as Superintendent would virtually guarantee a continuance of what WCSD is currently producing and allowing to happen in our schools … and worse.

How can the School Board put the community at ease?

Tell us that Troy Parks is NOT being considered for the Superintendent opening.


WCSD Staff and Parents: If this situation is going to change, we need YOU to confidentially contact Education Crusade and give us YOUR firsthand accounts of what’s really going on in our schools.

“I would tell any parent or grandparent of ANY school-age child, do whatever you have to do to keep your children OUT of our public schools, NOT just because they won’t learn, but because they won’t be safe. The existing system needs to be totally rebuilt, and those responsible for it, need to be removed … COMPLETELY!” – (Career Student Supervisor at WCSD)

By Paul D. White

(Paul White is a career educator, author of “White’s Rules: Saving Our Youth One Kid at a Time”, and a candidate for the WCSD – District G Board Trustee in the upcoming election.)

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)