WCSD – “Like a Horde of Locusts”

Mob Robberies – 100+ Stealing, Doped-up Galena HS Students Descend on Wedge Pkwy Raley’s at Lunchtime

“This happens EVERY day at lunch. We are losing MANY, MANY thousands of dollars – not just in food – but also in large quantities of stolen alcohol!”  (Two different Raley’s Managers – Wedge Parkway Shopping Center)

Friday, September 1, at 11:30 a.m. Education Crusade, accompanied School Board member Jeff Church (District A), to the Raley’s Market in the Wedge Parkway shopping center.  We were there to check-out firsthand the claims of massive, daily lunchtime theft by Galena High School students.

Unfortunately, the situation was everything we’d been told … and more!

As Education Crusade and Trustee Church stood watching, packed student cars started pouring into the parking lot at 11:30 a.m. sharp, disgorging over 100 students (manager’s estimate). The students literally ran into Raley’s, heading directly for the help-yourself hot buffet items and sandwich/bakery area.

In a chaotic atmosphere caused by the 100+ students, Education Crusade and Church observed as DOZENS of students, started scooping large amounts of costly hot items into the provided cardboard containers, grabbing cold drinks and other snacks, and then headed down adjacent aisles at the back of the store where they brazenly started wolfing down the unpaid-for food and beverages. The hot items are charged by weight, so the few students that MIGHT go through self-checkout are paying for only a small amount of what they ate.

Education Crusade and Church observed another large swarm of students ordering pricey custom sandwiches at the sandwich counter, where they are SUPPOSED to pay for their order.

Education Crusade asked a sandwich-worker if the students DO pay. “Some do – many do NOT,” he replied.  “They just walk out the door,” which was confirmed by Education Crusade’s observation.

  • “The students stick bottles of liquor in their clothing and if we stop them, they’ll actually stand there and argue with us and refuse to give it back.” (Raley’s Manager)

A majority of the Galena students entering the store exhibited the stereotypical appearance of being under the influence of marijuana. This would be consistent with what Education Crusade has been told by students, parents, and teachers at Galena HS,

  • Well over half of Galena students are using drugs in school every day.

Additionally, the validity of the assumed student drug-use was validated by the marijuana-typical choices and quantities of food the students were stealing. Example: One glassy-eyed, confused boy of barely 100 pounds chose a 2-foot long loaf of french bread and an ENTIRE boxed apple pie for his “lunch” that we never observed him paying for.

Near the end of this 20-25 minute de facto lunch-time looting of Raley’s, 5 students calmly walked right by numerous employees, including a WCSD School Police Officer, and out of the door, their arms loaded with unpaid drinks and food.

  • “This is a horrible situation. The worst part is that the Galena students are NOT doing this because they lack the money to pay for the food.They think this is funny, and they don’t care that it’s wrong and against the law. The school and school district have done almost NOTHING to stop this.”
  • “If the Galena Principal would just close the campus during lunch, this problem would stop immediately.”(Raley’s Manager)

Education Crusade and Trustee Church both agree that WCSD’s failure to address this problem is teaching students to have no respect for lawful behavior in ANY area of society.

Note: After leaving Raley’s, Trustee Church visited the new Safeway grocery store in Damonte Ranch. Its manager told Church that every day, they have the exact same problem as the Galena Raley’s but with Damonte HS students.

WCSD has at least TEN other high schools that ALL have similar theft problems – or WORSE – that are harming local businesses adjacent to these schools.  

The managers/owners of these businesses ALL tell Education Crusade the same thing“:

The school district and the schools are doing NOTHING to try and help us.”

Kudos are in order for Trustee Jeff Church for caring enough about his district to get involved and to support his district’s merchants.


Students in WCSD schools are PROVABLY:


What possible reason does ANY parent have for entrusting THEIR children to this dysfunctional, dangerous, and decadent system?

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