Washoe County School Sinking Ship

Washoe County Schools’ Future

The Primary Elections are Over •

The few voters who cared enough to cast ballots have spoken.

The final effort to maintain even a minority voice for conservative values in our schools has been defeated and kicked to the curb.

WCSD’s ultra-Left teachers and leadership now have an unopposed 15,000  HOURS PER CHILD – from kindergarten until 12th grade – in which to indoctrinate and exert their total control over 60,000 students’ education …  control over EVERYTHING the students are taught to believe and accept as TRUTH.

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Looking ahead, here is the current state of our WCSD schools and what you can expect from their newly-empowered leaders in the near future.

To our teacher, progressive, and RINO friends:
Be careful what you wish (voted) for.


Current Situation

  • 30-to-60% of WCSD’s students continue to be absent from school every day.
  • There are no consequences for students or parents.
  • The District does not fully acknowledge the problem and refuses to enforce NRS laws that could correct the issue immediately.


  • Chronic absences will increase and single-handedly undermine any attempt at meaningfully educating our children or developing their work ethic.


Current Situation

  • 50-to-75% of secondary students continue to use drugs/alcohol at school on a daily basis.
  • Students receive little to no consequences for unlawful substance use, possession, or sales.
  • The District refuses to enforce NRS law, which would stop this problem immediately.
  • The District continues to deny the issue, and makes no effort to implement an effective drug prevention program.


  • Students’ substance abuse, suicide, and drug overdoses will increase.
  • Any attempt at whole-class instruction will become impossible.
  • Recent findings on the health impact of marijuana on juveniles will begin to appear more frequently in our schools, including: more psychotic episodes and mental illness, more aggressive student behavior, and decreased mental functioning.
  • Gangs will assume greater control of on-campus drug trafficking, resulting in more theft, robbery, and violent incidents.


Current Situation

  • Daily abuse and savage assaults on WCSD teachers continue with increasing severity.
  • Perpetrators receive little or no consequences.
  • The average classroom is chaotic, abusive, and dysfunctional with very little, if any, actual instruction.
  • The District enforces neither their school discipline policy, nor the NRS laws that would stop disruptive and criminal behavior.
  • The District continues to hide this dysfunctional chaos from the public by maintaining policies that threaten the employment of any staff members who speak publicly about it.


  • Violent assaults, lethal threats, and verbal abuse of staff and other students will increase in frequency and severity.
  • Gang activity will continue to increase.
  • “Code Red” lock-downs (“imminent deadly danger”) will become weekly occurrences at ALL schools.
  • The District will continue to privately settle a growing number of personal injury and criminal negligence lawsuits in order to conceal the incidents from the public.
  • The exodus of quality teachers from WCSD will increase.
  • The increasing number of classrooms without teachers will continue to be hidden from the public.
  • The progressive and racist Department of Education at UNR will continue to provide WCSD with new teachers who are politically radicalized and instructionally ineffective.


Current Situation

  • Students are taught heterosexual sex without social responsibility, moral values, or legal restrictions.
  • Students are taught homosexual sex in all its iterations, without the full facts regarding its life-endangering consequences.
  • The daily sex-trafficking of minor children continues – as it has for two decades – at all WCSD high schools and most of the middle schools. 
  • WCSD does not even acknowledge that the problem exists. 


  • A complete moral breakdown of the social fabric of our schools.
  • Increasing promiscuity among younger and younger students.
  • Increasing abortion rates.
  • A growing epidemic of STD’s.
  • A modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.


Current Situation

  • 60-to-85% of WCSD students – and increasing – are functionally illiterate.
  • No student can be given a failing grade, even if they never attend class.
  • 90% of our graduates don’t qualify for even the lowest college classes.
  • These facts are ignored by WCSD.


  • Student learning will decline even further.
  • To hide this fact, the District will seek to stop almost all standardized testing because they “want to spend that time helping students really learn.” (?)
  • Parents’ only way of knowing what their children are learning will be to trust what WCSD tells them.


  • WCSD schools will become juvenile daycare facilities and adult employment centers.
  • Rigorous, direct academic teaching to entire classes will be replaced by students playing on computers 1-2 hours per day.
  • These  “Academic Periods” will be sandwiched between 5 hours of lunch, hobby-style elective classes, group therapy sessions, and “social-emotional” play time. The entire school district will apply to the federal government to be declared a 100% “Special Education” school district. This will enable the District to collect federal subsidies on ALL its students, keep them until they’re 22 years old, feed them 3 free meals every day, and remove parents completely out of the loop by transporting ALL students to-and-from school.
  • Parents will be permanently banned from visiting the schools and will never be allowed to see their children’s records for medical treatment or psychological counseling “to protect the students’ privacy.”
  • The School Board will select 5 parents each month to attend Board meetings, which will be held in a small, private office. No other community members or parents will be allowed to attend these Board meetings as observers  in order “to protect students’ privacy.”
  • Parents will be allowed a single 30-second “public comment” at each meeting. The Board President will maintain the authority to waive this agenda item at his/her discretion and/or to cut-off speakers for any comment. The Board President’s opinion alone will determine what is “inappropriate,” or what comments and information should be kept from the public.

Paul D. White
June 15, 2024

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)