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VIDEOEpoch Times American Thought Leaders: Jan Jekielek with Jeff Myers and Brandon Showalter:

“One of the Worst Medical Scandals That the World Has Ever Seen: ‘Exposing the Gender Lie'” (Transcript also available)
The authors are making the book available for free in the hopes that people download it and then share it with as many friends and influencers as possible. The book can be downloaded for free at, Summit Ministries, You can also go to Christian Post and find the book there.

VIDEO ♦ James Lindsay:
“Woke! I Name the Enemy!”

VIDEO ♦ James Lindsay:
“Deep Dive Into Critical Social Justice & How It Took Over the Humanities”

VIDEO ♦ Mark Cook:
“Dominion is Finished”

VIDEO ♦ Mark Cook:
“Dominion is Finished” Short Version — Thousands of votes flipped just by plugging a USB drive in a Dominion Machine.

VIDEO ♦ Jennifer Bilek:
“The Transgender Agenda” — Mar 21, 2023 –
Jennifer Bilek is an investigative journalist, a feminist and a leading voice really looking behind the curtain at who is pushing this TRANS AGENDA! In this interview, we discuss one of the most controversial subjects of our time: the massive effort to promote transgenderism and to push “gender-affirming care” on children. Everyone has heard of the documentary “What is a Woman” but that film didn’t dare ask: “Who is behind this?”

VIDEO ♦ Quentin Van Meter, MD, FCP:
Pediatric Endocrinologist: “The terrible fraud of ‘transgender medicine'” – Jan 14, 2018 – At the Teens4Truth Conference, Ft. Worth, TX, Nov. 18, 2017. A physician who was in the Johns Hopkins Univ. Hospital group where “transgender medicine” was developed describes the lies, bad medicine, and fraud behind that movement. Quentin Van Meter, MD, FCP is a pediatric endocrinologist. He is a Fellow of the American College of Pediatricians and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.