Elections: Understanding the Fakery!

Dominion is Finished?

In “Dominion is Finished,” a recently aired Conservative Daily video on electronic voting systems, presented critical information that all citizens must know and understand about our elections. This overview of our election processes provides many details covered by the video presenters as well as additional information gathered from other sources and the authors’ prior knowledge and experience. Action items are included at the bottom of this article.

In the video, Mark Cook describes what he discovered in our present electronic voting system. He reveals disturbing proof of how elections can be manipulated and demonstrates how easily the electronic voting system’s internal programs can be easily accessed by using the tools already installed on the voting system. Cook states that citizens have been intentionally and dishonestly led to trust our election processes, but in reality, many may just be a “magic show.”  After watching the video, you will understand how elections at every stage can be easily manipulated. The video is quite long and detailed, but definitely worth the time to watch it.

As informed citizens, we must become journalists and educators to deliver and explain this most critical information to our family, friends, and neighbors. Without exaggeration, we are closer than you realize to losing this country and every freedom we cherish. NOW is the time to get involved. There is no military or single human being who will save us. We all love our families and care about their futures, so we all must become educated citizens about our elections and ACTIVATE!

The basic stages in our elections are Voter Registration, Voter Validation, Tabulation, and Reporting. At each stage, election information can be changed, deleted, or amended by people of varying skill levels to manipulate the final election results with a few simple tech skills to manipulate the final election results. How?


•        ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) is one of several services that many counties use to maintain their voter registration rolls, but unfortunately, often not well. ERIC and other similar vendors, have allowed registration rolls across the country to become “dirty,” filled with incorrect voters and inaccurate voter information. Their use has also caused counties to lose control of their own voter registration systems.

•        ERIC, a non-governmental entity, holds several U.S. states’ voter information. Citizens are unable to see what changes ERIC makes in the voter registration information or which other organizations are given access to the voter data, so citizens have no transparency in who has accessed the information or how it is being used. They are also not subject to public information requests.

•        An entire state’s voter registration rolls are usually maintained at the state level, and in some cases, states leave the entire management of the voter rolls to vendors such as ERIC! Additions, deletions, and other changes may be made at the county level, but we have no transparency once it reaches the state or vendor level.

•        Same-day registration is just one recent registration method legalized in many states that provides the ability and excuse to make last minute changes to the registration rolls in near real-time. This ability clearly accommodates manipulation. Additionally, same-day registrations are not properly or sufficiently investigated to confirm voter’s identity, citizenship, duplication of registration, and more. The newly registered voters are allowed to vote even though there isn’t sufficient time to validate the registrations. We have no transparency. Without locking voter registration days before election day, we are unable to properly cross-check all registrations to reduce abuse.

•        DMV registrations are another way to add to the registration rolls voters who have not been vetted. It allows another government agency oversight and control of local registrations at the state level. Getting large numbers of voter registration entries into the database allows opportunity for the registrations to be manipulated if needed at a later time. Again, we have no transparency.


•        Voter validation happens when a voter shows up at a voting location to vote. Voters are asked to provide their name and political party as validation for the voter’s identity.

•        Voting in person requires the voter to sign in with an election worker at the voting location where the voter’s name is found in an election department’s often network-connected computer called a “poll book” or “eBook.” A network is not always connected to the internet, but the computers are still linked. The computer and its files are vulnerable to anyone who knows how to change data in a file in a computer system. Signature verification, even when done using a poll book, is not done adequately to ensure the voter’s identity. In some states, there is also no requirement to check a voter’s ID. Anyone can claim to be you and illegally vote in your place. Citizens are not properly trained to verify legal signatures, and are not certified forensic document examiners. The entire signature verification process does not meet legal standards.

•        Vote-by-mail ballots are validated by election workers at central processing centers without the voter being present. With mail-in ballots, a ballot is attached to an envelope, not an individual. Who knows who signed and mailed or dropped off the envelope to the elections department? It could be anybody.

•        Signature verification processes are largely a joke and just part of the magic show. Election workers rely on an envelope signature to compare to the voter’s signature on other county documents. Sometimes, envelopes’ signatures aren’t verified at all, but the envelope with its ballot is still accepted as a legal ballot from a voter and counted! What could possibly go wrong? Maricopa evidence shows the signature verification process was done incorrectly or not done at all. It is also almost impossible to stop forgeries with people’s signatures being widely available everywhere; the signatures are even provided in the poll book system itself! Again, we have no transparency.


•        Tabulation is “counting” the votes on a ballot; it should be a simple process.

•        Years ago, all counting was done at the precinct level in your neighborhood. At the end of election day, the results were made public. Everyone knew how the counting went. Now, counting is done in a central county location, sometimes with limited observation abilities, and the results take week or months to be determined and announced. Computers do all the counting, so there is no transparency.

•        Tabulation machines and computers are set up only for counting, but Mark Cook has demonstrated that the system includes other software programs within it that can be used by individuals to change anything, including totals. These tools have no checks for keeping someone out. There are either no passwords, or they are widely known. Anyone can use the tools that enable direct access to vote totals and counting processes. Election results can be changed! Citizens are being lied to when told that these computers are incapable of doing anything except counting.

•        Counting devices and computers are capable of connecting to the internet and/or other networks that allow USB drives and specialized cables to access programs inside the election system. It’s also possible to connect to the voting system’s network without internet connections! These vulnerabilities are extremely dangerous because anyone from anywhere in the world could potentially access the tools and programs needed to change vote totals using the internet, wireless connections, cables, or mobile phones. A person sitting at one of the devices, or anywhere in the ballot processing center, or even in the parking lot could illegally make changes within the election system. There are no restrictions to catch or document many types of illegal activity in the system. Mark Cook demonstrated just one example of how this could be done.

•        Chain of custody is also a part of the “magic show” because there are so many breaches. The chain of custody procedures exist only to distract the voter and to intentionally hide other vulnerabilities within the system.

•        Computers are not necessary to manipulate election results. There are many low-tech ways including:
★        Inserting illegally printed ballots
★        Inserting ballots that legal voters didn’t complete or submit
★        Deleting or destroying legal ballots
★        Creating intentional mistakes in the election processes to delay counting and reporting results. The delays provide ample time to add or delete ballots at the end of the election in order to reach the desired vote totals.
★        Intentionally damaging ballots or creating additional markings on ballots in order to send them to be adjudicated by biased workers.


•        County clerks or registrars report election results at the end of an election. “Unofficial” results are released to the media at the end of election day or the next day.

•        Delayed reporting of the “official” results provides ample time to produce the desired manipulated or illegal ballots to reach the desired election outcomes. The reasons for delayed reporting might include late mail-in ballots arriving at the counting center, processing backlogs, equipment malfunctions, etc.

•        In previous elections, SCYTL, a foreign company located in Spain, received U.S. election results from many U.S. secretaries of state. The company then shared the vote totals with the media who reported them to the public. Without verification and oversight, SCYTL can report any results it wishes! The foreign company went out of business before the 2020 election, yet it still reported the 2022 election results to the media!

Our present election system. (Diagram from Russ Ramsland)


•        There is no transparency in the electronic voting system with a proprietary source code of over 2 million lines of code that is hidden from citizens and our government. It is impossible to know if this code does only what we trust it do. The millions of lines of code intentionally obfuscate the system’s functions.

•        There are simply countless ways that the system is vulnerable to outside actors’ illegal access!

•        Certification and validation of the voting system’s functions and security are a joke according to Cook. The companies tasked with guaranteeing the accuracy and security of election systems use outdated tests from 2005 to test the electronic voting systems! The tests have failed to discover countless vulnerabilities in the systems. Therefore, the companies’ certifications prove nothing!

This chart is our “call to action.” We need to go from where we are to where we want to be. Freedom!


Our wonderful election officials could be heroes by providing citizens a
fully transparent election that can be verified and therefore trusted 100%.

by Valerie White and Mary Gallegos. Contact us at truvew@protonmail.com.