Two-tiered justice blue vs red people

Truth – No Consequences

But it’s not a game

Some of you may remember the television game show that began in the 1950s “Truth or Consequences.” Contestants could either tell the truth by correctly answering a question, or be forced to pay the consequence by performing some kind of whacky stunt. That was all fun and games, but we’re not playing games anymore.

We are living in an era where truth is almost nonexistent, and where consequences are only dealt to those who value truth. Sadly, there is an ultimate consequence that is taking place – a total demise of our nation!

The list of examples of a two-tiered justice system is endless, but let’s start with the most recent cases. First, the DOJ (Dept. of Justice – or injustice) just revealed that the IRS and FBI knew Hunter Biden’s laptop was real in 2019, yet did nothing to correct the record when stories from fake news media outlets spewed lies, claimed conspiracy theories, and covered up the truth.

Question: Do you think if the truth had been revealed that at that time, that voters might have not voted for Biden? Would you consider that heinous act to fall into the category of election interference? Finally, do you think there will be any consequences for the many that were involved in this wrong-doing? Likely not.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and 18 other defendants have been indicted by Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for, you guessed it, election interference. Yet, before the trial has begun, it is reported that Willis allegedly hired her romantic partner, Nathan Wade (a private attorney) to be her special prosecutor and that he has been paid $654,000 for his work since January 2022, with some of that money spent on lavish vacations for the two of them.

Yet, what is interesting is that Mr. Wade had two meetings with the White House Counsel (5/23/22 and 11/18/22). Why would this “anti-corruption” special prosecutor need to meet with attorneys of Biden before indicting Donald Trump, who happens to be Biden’s leading presidential opponent. But that’s not all. Ms. Willis sent a letter to the January 6 Select Committee requesting to get more “goods” on Trump to bolster her case against him. Willis letter to J’6 committee

Sounds politically motivated to me. How ironic that the case in Georgia is about election interference, when it appears the biased clowns in the AG’s office are actually interfering in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Willis broke her silence as she preached from the pulpit of Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta, where she claimed the allegations against her were … wait for it … racially motivated. If an investigation reveals wrongdoing on Willis, et al., we can only pray that the real consequence is that the case against Trump is dismissed – but don’t hold your breath.

As previously mentioned, there have countless examples of a two-tiered justice system favoring the woke and liberal faction of our country. Here’s just a list of a few. Feel free to investigate them further.

  • Pro-Hamas demonstrators invaded the White House on January 13, 2024, and caused damage to the protective fencing around the White House grounds. No arrests were made. Kind of brings us back to J’6 where over 200 undercover FBI exacerbated, what was to a peaceful demonstration, into the scene that unfolded. Arrests? Yeah, over 1200 and over 800 convictions. Many have been in jail since J’6. Yep, consequences for MAGA supporters, but not for evil Hamas supporters. undercover bad actors
  • Hunter Biden defied congressional subpoenas, and later the judiciary committee recommended he be held in contempt of Congress. Now his attorneys are wallowing in the mess they made of their “you can’t touch me, I’m a Biden” antics on Capitol hill. But not to fear, Hunter won’t be arrested, hand-cuffed, and strip-searched like former White House trade advisor for Trump, Peter Navarro for of his contempt of congress charge. consequences for righties, not lefties

The multitude of lies, manipulation, and untruthful propaganda about our southern border, election procedures, climate, COVID, CRT, education in general, racism, crime, economy, DEI, foreign policy, military preparedness, government corruption, and our Constitution has reached fever pitch. Now Biden’s latest desperate ploy is to censor Christians and conservatives. going after Christians & Conservatives

As the rich and powerful hypocrites gather this week at the Davos World Economic Forum, their 2024 theme is “Rebuilding Trust.” I’ll wait as you pick yourself up off the floor from laughing too hard. This satanic-like group of unelected elites only want to control and destroy the world’s financial and energy sectors (via climate hoax); reduce the world’s population (via covid-like pandemics); and dismantle America and its freedoms by turning it into socialist nation. And they want to “rebuild trust”?

Here’s the truth. All of the corruption, hypocrisy, and efforts to destroy the country they actually hate, these wackos on the left (many of them attending Davos) are in reality scared to death that Trump will be elected as the 47th President of the United States. In his first term, he made some questionable cabinet choices, and didn’t quite have his sea legs in politics. As a result, the swamp was not fully drained. This time – open the flood gates. This time — there will be truth and consequences!

“Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit.”  Galatians 6:8

Mist Carter is Christian patriot who is the author of three books. Her most recent release, “We the People—Daily Devotional for Loving God & Country” is now available. Her previous books are titled, “Our Crumbling Foundation—Will God Cancel Us?” and “God’s Truth About America!” Proceeds from all her book sales go to support Tunnel to Towers! Contact the author at

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