Sperm seeking an egg

Transgender and Transhuman

Any similarities between the two?

Same sex attraction may have always been a part of human biology, but over the past several decades, the gay rights movement has demanded wide acceptance of same sex attraction and to affirm it as “normal.”  Similarly, transhumanist activists are demanding that humans change the way they see themselves and accept the new changes as “normal.” Transhumanists believe that medicine, science, and technology can augment or improve the human condition. They believe they are now capable of completely divorcing sex, sexual attraction, and biological reproduction by a male and female from humanity’s future. Scientists are presently working in laboratories to complete human reproduction in an artificial womb.  The silly little fact that no one wants to admit though is that their experiments go nowhere without an egg and a sperm, things they’re unable to create or produce by any means.

Today, some transgender doctors say that through surgery, a woman can become a man or a man can become a woman, but this is fantasy. The transgender woman produced by science and medicine is incapable of producing eggs and cannot reproduce. In addition to lacking female DNA, their biology, without the ability to produce eggs or the body parts to carry a baby, defines them as “not female” in addition to still not having female DNA. One could conjecture that if the truth were told, those who undergo sex transgender surgeries derive little, if any, pleasure from the sex act in their “new” transgender body.

Adding to the number of individuals calling themselves “transgenders” is a lessening of people having sex with others. Having personal connections with sex partners that develop into relationships is losing its cultural centrality. We are quickly approaching a place where gender, sex, sexuality, and relationships are becoming completely severed. Sites that allow individuals to “hook up” and then move on are growing in number. There’s no expectation of relationships. Boyfriends or girlfriend aren’t actually wanted.

It seems that what really matters to many in the transgender community is self-actualization. In their eyes, they see no higher self-actualization goal than attempting to dismiss their own DNA and to change gender. Without a belief that they are made in the image of God, either by creating a new gender or by destroying that which God made perfect.

Without a belief that they are made in the image of God, they have no problem believing they can become a god themselves, either by creating a new gender or by destroying that which God made perfect.

The transgender or transhuman movements are combatants against humanity in a battle of good versus evil.  They both believe that they can improve on what God has created, but neither medicine, science, or technology can create what God does.The true and good news though is that in the end, God wins!

by V. Fianacca

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)