Thomas Daly

Tracey Hilton-Thomas: A clear choice for Commissioner District 4

Republican voters in Commission District 4 (Sparks, Spanish Springs, Hidden Valley, Wadsworth) will soon elect a replacement for former Commissioner Hartung. No Democrat filed. His temporary appointed fill-in, Commissioner Clara Andriola, has proven to be a major disappointment, voting with Democrat commissioners on critical issues. Andriola has also refused to support any District 4 residents to county boards, unless she has no choice.

Andriola Votes with Democrats

Credit: Operation Sunlight 5/8/24

Andriola Protest on May 8 2024

Protests against Clara Andriola, Washoe County Commissioner District 4 candidate, in Sparks on May 8, 2024.


With little county experience, Andriola is often clueless about complicated issues. She lacks the knowledge of what has and hasn’t worked historically – so much so, that the county’s Republican party censured her in an overwhelming vote in January 2024, denying her any support for her bid for future office.

Commission District 4 GOP candidate, terminated Sparks Fire Chief Mark Lawson, is fighting four re-filed felony charges by the Nevada Attorney General for alleged drug crimes.

Of the remaining GOP candidates, one stands out … Tracey Hilton-Thomas. A conservative, lifelong Nevadan with almost two decades of county service, she knows the inner workings of county government. No on-the-job training needed. Her service on the grand jury and at naturalization ceremonies is instrumental in fully understanding the serious crime, immigration, and human trafficking challenges in our community.

Unlike parroting issues we already know, Tracey Hilton-Thomas has proposed solutions to problems besetting District 4 residents and the county as a whole, including outrageous traffic congestion, profligate spending on the wrong priorities, lack of transparency for local drug and homelessness problems, and an elections department in need of a major overhaul, after countless election errors, with direction coming from the Commission, as the County Manager seems unable to effect needed change.

Tracey will bring balance and needed experience to our Washoe County government.

Early voting starts May 25th.

Vote Republican Tracey Hilton-Thomas for Commission District 4.

By Thomas Daly


(Thomas Daly is a resident of Washoe County.)

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