Hammer Sicle

“The Hill We Descend” – A Parody for Our Children of The Revolution

(Amanda Gorman performed “The Hill We Climb” at Biden’s inauguration.)

by A. Man Gordon

Pretty trees and flowers make everything feel OK.
Lovely words in showers shroud the sky in grey.
Look for ambiguity.
Use it to make your way,
In the world,
so tough and unfair.
Where colors, flags and a narrative can work wonders.
Make it less unfair.

Burn it down, tear it up.
Resist! All night long.
Say no to law and order,
is our duty… never mind so much fun.
Peace when we get our way.

Friends have discern and discretion,
never an ounce of scorn.
Free us from oppression.
Keep us free.
To fight another morn.
We fight for freedom, withheld from us so long.

Words have new meaning,
definitions that we ascribe.
Vote in threes, cheat, lie and steal.
A woman?
Be all you can be.
Not how you pee.

New rules.
New robes.
Must bend the knee,
to fight the red, white and blue.
The standard had its time,
to persecute, not free.

Now we’ll start afresh with new words and eh-mo-gees.
Just-is a whole new meaning now,
we say.
Patriot is patriarch,
must be sent from thee.
That rapist is a woman,
and must be set free.
The beast is not “she”, but logic, reason and He.

We must not pretend.
Enlightenment has no end.
The hill we decline,
to Utopia.
The Revolution is won!

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)