Op-Ed: Education

Teacher Unions’ Woke Takeover of Public Schools

Remember how school districts told parents and communities that they were crazy for accusing public schools of teaching Marxism and Communism to our kids? Well, the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teacher union in the country, just confirmed the accusation to be true. Just listen to the words of NEA President Becky Pringle sharing NEA’s Marxist/Communist position and quoting Angela Davis, the well-known Communist Party USA member.  (See minute mark 1:40 here:)  https://thenewamerican.com/american-teachers-unions-endorse-marxist-values-in-k-12-public-education/

NEA educators are reaching 50 million U.S. students each day, indoctrinating those 50 million students into communism via woke ideology. To clarify, teacher union groups such as the Nevada Education Association, the Colorado Education Association, and hundreds or thousands of smaller unions (collectives) across the country belong to the NEA, a national collective and  collectivist (read “communist”) organization.

The second largest national education collective reaching almost as many students is the AFT, the American Federation of Teachers. Holding similar Communist/Marxist positions, they too work hard to indoctrinate students, but they also send their political tentacles into healthcare, government employment, and media via “Newsguard,” the AFT’s misinformation app offered to AFT members and others.

Doctors providing healthcare to cancer patients will sometimes deliver tragic messages that “all hope is lost – that there is no expectation of healing because the disease has spread too far.”  In similar fashion, it can be said that the woke “disease” in public education has spread too far to expect healing. The  disease “carriers,” the woke teachers and education experts, are pouring into districts every year while freedom-loving teachers are bailing out of the system (see “entryism”). Ask yourself how many woke college graduates you’ve been able to wake up. Why would you expect any of them to disavow the ideology pounded into them throughout their four or more years in college once they are hired by a school district?

Parents, any students remaining in the diseased school systems will be consumed by the political disease that’s destroying the brains and character of your children. Remove your children from public schools. That’s the only way you’ll save them and this country!

(by V. White)

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)