Communist Teacher Unions

Teacher Union Leadership: Protecting teachers?

Nope, it’s all about political and personal agendas

Voice of Experience from the Inside

As a full-career recently retired public school teacher who worked in a handful of school districts, big and small, extending from student teaching to tenured contracts, including being elected as a union officer, I have an understanding of district and school site dynamics and teachers’ unions that most of the public doesn’t have. For anyone who cares about public schools and their impact on a community, it’s critically important to remember that schools are the pipeline to a community’s workforce and population. What students learn or don’t learn will impact you even if you have no children or grandchildren. You will experience the results of public school education (or miseducation) at the doctor’s office, in banks, at cash registers, on the phone with local businesses, and in local and state government offices. Teacher unions play a huge role in how public schools operate and how students are educated.

Historical Justification for Unions

I remember defending teacher unions’ when I would encounter others who were suspicious of union agendas and the direction that public school curriculum appeared to be heading. What’s to defend? Teachers absolutely need contractual union protections. Administrative top-down tyrannical control and intimidation of teachers would be all too common if not for the guardrails and defenses that union contracts provide. Put anyone in a position of authority, and the slide toward dictatorship and tyranny is always a possible consequence; it happens all too frequently with school site administrators. The ability to grieve an unfair administrative action allowed per union contracts is requisite to restrain power hungry, arrogant school site administrators. (I submitted grievances on the same principal two separate times before she adjusted her leadership style and backed off her harassment against me and others! Slow learner!)

Union Leadership: The Reality

Union leadership is another thing altogether. After decades of seeing how “authority” corrupts in at least five school districts, I discerned the below regarding union leadership and the union body itself at the local level.

“Lapdog” union leaders – Too many union “leaders” become lapdogs to administrators and district office. Why? Getting along with district office and administrators is far easier and more pleasant than taking on the adversarial role. Frequent lunch meetings, travel conferences, release time, and more all play a huge part. Getting along comes with far more benefits and less “danger” than questioning and fighting authority.

Failure to protect teachers – Given union leadership’s hesitancy to make waves in order to protect their own positions and cushy deals, union leadership too often fails to prioritize protecting and defending teachers. Intimidated and inexperienced teachers in the midst of grievance situations are often urged to compromise – to their detriment – with administration. Site reps become sales agents, attempting to convince the wronged teacher to work it out according to their and union leadership’s preference. Hashing out details during negotiations and grievance processes rarely benefits teachers unless the teacher is willing to take it to the mat even alone if necessary. This happens more frequently than you’d imagine, so teachers are often left to their own devices to fight the wrong (as happened in my situations) even though they’ve dutifully paid their union dues to benefit the local, state, and national organizations. Sadly, if the grievance issue isn’t about the union leaders or site reps themselves, their level of concern isn’t usually very high.

Selling out for personal “deals” – Just as disappointing is the fact that most site reps are simply self-serving. They have little to no understanding of what administrators are able to do and say legally. Hence, meetings with the teacher, administrator, and site rep are pretty much a joke. Again, the teacher needs to know the contract like an attorney, be ready to defend themselves during the meeting, oppose the bullying that administrators always attempt, develop the defense strategy alone, and lead the charge because the union sure as heck doesn’t storm in to actually do the job teachers imagine their union would do for them. Shrewd administrators at all levels always look for what “favor” union reps and leaders want in order to close a “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your” deal. New assignments, release time, job flexibility, etc. are often delivered in exchange for compromise or acquiescence on another matter – oftentimes, at the expense of the poor teacher who thought they would be the union’s priority in a grievance matter.

“Groupthink” in full operation – The failure to oppose groupthink, prevalent in today’s schools, often results in teachers and district employees being used to support union leadership’s extreme Leftist politics – and without any regard for differing ideologies. If you’ve ever found yourself in the lunchroom or a union meeting zipping your lips because you know you will be ridiculed, insulted by other teachers in the room, or ostracized for expressing your differing opinion or perspective, you’ve got a serious case of groupthink in the workplace. Your past and continuing silence has allowed critical thinking and rational discourse to be removed from your school site and union.

“Are you happy with what you experience in the classroom today compared to 10 or 20 years ago, or are you counting the days until retirement, praying that you’ll make it to the end without being physically assaulted and/or injured? Do you regularly wonder if you’ll make it through your day in the classroom knowing the abuse you’ll take from students and administrators?”

Don’t give your vote to the WEA-endorsed candidate

Political activism – Is your union using you to support politics that don’t align with your own? In this primary election, the WEA (Washoe Education Association) has endorsed a so-called Democrat candidate who has strong ties to socialist/communist organizations. He has no education experience to speak of and no understanding of the issues that confront today’s teachers and students.

Teacher Lemmings jumping off cliff for Unions

Research the WEA-endorsed WCSD District G candidate, Perry Rosenstein, to see if he represents your values and ideologies because those he supports are clearly socialist or communist – working to destroy the American culture and the society in which you were fortunate enough to have lived. How else could he have been on the Board of Directors for from 2017 to 2023 [HERE]? Its aligned organizations [HERE] linked on its website are blatantly anti-white, open borders, anti-police, LGBTQ+ centric, and destructive to the nuclear family regardless of how often they cite “saving democracy.” They deceitfully  and repeatedly cloak their true goals using the terms “strong democracy,” “saving democracy,” and “social justice” instead of honestly declaring their goal of establishing socialism / communism by “shifting power” in their attempts to bring down our present government. Is socialism / communism what you really want for your children, your family, your government? Communism? Really? Ask yourself how many of the other so-called Democrats running for a seat this election are also communist? The Democrat Party is not what it once was, so vote wisely.

StateVoices in Nevada is Silver State Voices. You can see them proudly proclaim their “progressive” ideology on the Institute for a Progressive Nevada. Birds of a feather flock together. Just dig into a few of State Voices’ cohorts to see how communist they are and what your unions are advising you to vote for. [HERE]

Teachers generally work so hard and for such long hours each day, they don’t usually have the time to closely follow or carefully vet candidates. Instead, teachers depend on union leadership to advise them on how to vote on issues and who to vote for — union leadership knows this very well. They count on overwhelmed and exhausted teachers to blindly follow union endorsements without clearly knowing or understanding why certain candidates were endorsed and which political perspective is being furthered. Teachers are being used. Don’t be a union lemming.

  • How large are the endorsement committees? Was there fair representation on the endorsement committees? Were different political ideologies represented in the committees’ participants? Was groupthink in control?
  • Is union leadership itself a fair representation of teachers’ political ideologies, or is it predominantly comprised of teachers espousing the same political perspectives?

How’s that working for you?

The polarization we see throughout the country today is evident here in our own county, but not necessarily within union membership. My confident guess is that the WEA is a solidly progressive, socialist, communist organization or “collective,” a term you’ll hear union leadership frequently use. [Link to communist usage.] Teachers with these political ideologies are the union leadership types who wish to wield the power to decide for others what is best for everyone.  Today’s teacher unions have observable, extreme Left agendas all the way up to the Nevada State Education Associat, the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). What is seen in public schools and classrooms today reflects the priorities and agendas established by progressive/Left-controlled unions, established over the last few decades, centimeter by centimeter, minute by minute. Wokeism, gender ideology and LGBTQ+ curriculum run amok, diversity-equity-inclusion “victimocracy” (DEI), racial injustice that actually creates racism against whites and Christians, weaponization of students, student violence against authority figures — all of the aforementioned disasters have been documented in WCSD. The violent, disrespectful, disruptive student behaviors seen in every WCSD school is a direct result of teachers blindly voting the way the union advises!

  • Is the WEA endorsing candidates that will support YOU in the classroom, or is WEA leadership actually just looking out for themselves, furthering their own political agendas, and possibly positioning their own political futures?
  • In all my decades at school sites, I never once saw or heard of any teacher or district employee supporting in or behaving in a racist manner — and don’t even start with the “systemic racism” claim — it doesn’t exist against “people of color.” Today’s classroom teachers claim to not be racist, yet they hypocritically practice racism by furthering the ideologies that the WEA, state and national teacher unions, and the Democrat party espouse.

Your future in public schools

For those of you still committed to teaching in the public school system, figuratively bleeding step by step to retirement, at least consider quitting the union. I know the most frequently cited reason for joining the union each fall is to have liability insurance coverage, but know that there are alternatives. Get the insurance elsewhere and save some money at the same time. Stop donating to the union’s political action fund and instead use your money to directly support candidates whose political ideologies you agree with. Courts have declared it illegal for unions to use your dues to support candidates and political agendas against your wishes, so don’t willingly give your money to them. (I have no financial arrangement with the below links.)

You can be the butterfly alighting on the boulder that brings down the destructive union political mountain. You can be the force of one that can bring sanity back into the classroom. You can be the teacher who actually prepares students of all races for successful futures. You can be the power to ensure that all students receive solid educations and not a memorized list of excuses explaining why they can’t achieve or be successful.

Refuse to be used by your union. Leave the union, and use your vote to elect an individual who knows the classroom, knows what’s needed to make your workplace healthy and productive, and knows how to educate students.

By Nevada Signal Staff