You CAN fool all of the people some of the time, IF they’re Washoe County School Board members

WCSD Students Reach All-time Academic LOW on Most Recent Test Results: Students are 60-80% Functionally Illiterate, Districtwide

Meanwhile, School Board members give the superintendent a 15% RAISE and evaluate her as:

“Brilliant!” – (Trustee Church)
“Fantastic!” – (Trustee Mayberry )
“[She is improving our schools] by leaps and bounds!” Trustee Rodriguez

Read about the newly-released worst test scores ever!

Read about the School Board’s glowing evaluations of the superintendent.

Read about the superintendent’s $48,000 pay raise

The School Board must have forgotten to evaluate Superintendent Enfield in the following important areas – ALL of which have remained unchanged or become exponentially WORSE during her first year on the job.

Chronic Absenteeism

30-60% of the students STILL don’t attend on any given day, and the superintendent has failed to even acknowledge that situation.

Drug/Alcohol abuse on campus

50% or more of all students STILL use drugs and alcohol every day on campus and in the classrooms, with almost no consequences, and the superintendent has failed to  acknowledge the severity of that situation.

Violence and Abuse Against Teachers

Daily abuse STILL continues, unchanged and unacknowledged by the superintendent.

A recent example: a middle school teacher was choked to the ground by a student, punched twice in the face, had his nose broken and received a concussion.

Gang and Race Conflicts on Campus

STILL continue to increase, while the superintendent doesn’t even acknowledge that either problem exists.

What successful steps has the superintendent taken to solve these problems?


What HAS the superintendent accomplished?

  • Increased the number of WCSD schools receiving the state’s LOWEST ranking by 400%.
  • Added MORE non-teaching Central Office employees to an already bloated administration.
  • Spent $5M dollars on a worthless and non-operational “Safety Badge Alert System”
  • Spent $10M to hire a consulting firm to create and implement a “Strategic Plan” to improve our schools. (Isn’t that what the SUPERINTENDENT is being paid over $400,000/year to do?)
  • Announced that she has a “Big Plan” to have our kids learning more … three YEARS from now! This is the superintendent’s fourth “Big Plan” since being hired.

WHO or WHAT does the superintendent blame for her lack of accomplishments?


From almost 3 YEARS ago?  What’s next? Blaming Donald Trump?

High Absence Rates

The same problem she refuses to fully acknowledge or address. Instead, she claims that it’s “lack of consistency in curriculum and academic standards.” The same curriculum standards are provided to ALL schools by the State.

So, the School Board rewards the superintendent with a $48,000 raise for failing to improve student academics and behavior, the most important areas of all! Have you told your school board member how you feel about that?

Students in WCSD schools are PROVABLY:


Education Crusade Logo with mottoWhat possible reason does ANY parent have for entrusting THEIR children to this dysfunctional, dangerous, and decadent system?
What’s going on at your school?

by Paul D. White

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)