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Explicit Books in Washoe Libraries and Schools

Me and Earl & the Dying Girl is one of many books adult volunteers researched this summer to identify books with sexually explicit content, many that are found in Washoe County middle and high schools. This book and others are documented on the WCSD “Destiny” catalogue system with call numbers. (You can review the other books and schools having these books in the links below.) Be forewarned, the excerpts are very sexually graphic–so much so that the Washoe County Board of County Commissioner’s attorney stopped me reading from one at their June meeting! Read the attached article in the Reno Gazette Journal where school officials also admitted to the existence of these books in public schools. The books are also in the kids and ‘young adult’ sections of our public libraries here in Washoe County. “Young Adult or YA,” according to the American Library Association, which the Washoe County library uses to make policy, is defined as books that are written for readers who are 11-18 years old.

Let me ask that you put aside the media sound bytes you may be hearing regarding “book bans” and infringements on First Amendment and parental rights. Know this, THERE ARE NO BANNED BOOKS in the United States. We are in no way promoting restricting anyone’s right to free speech. We stand 100% behind the First Amendment and parental rights for adults to read anything of their choosing and to allow their kids to read anything they approve of. Across the nation, however, parents have been requesting that these books be moved to the adult section of libraries and to get them out of the school systems where kids under 18 have access. No books are banned, and if you hear otherwise, it is a twisting of the truth.

To be fully informed, just read for yourself a sampling of the contents of these books.  This is not a political issue but rather about protecting the innocence of kids as best we can in this digital age.

Please consider joining us December 20 at the Downtown Reno Library at 5:00 p.m. where we will demand that these books be placed in age-appropriate sections of the library. Even if you can only attend for 1 hour, your presence will make a difference at this meeting. Please also consider attending a Washoe County School board meeting (date to be announced) where we will communicate our concerns.

Last, please read and sign the attached petition here:
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Thank you, and I hope your Christmas is joyous!

Marla Wolfe

by Staff

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