surprised girl reading book

Sexually Explicit Books are in Washoe County Schools and Libraries


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surprised girl reading book


No More Obscene Books for Our Children!

Our Washoe County libraries and schools at all levels have become inundated with obscene books available to children and teens. Tell our Library Board of Trustees and our Washoe County School District Board members, NO MORE OBSCENE BOOKS!

Our school and public libraries should provide an atmosphere of safety and learning opportunities for all ages. These two institutions have broken trust with our community.

  • This summer, Washoe County residents documented numerous examples of obscene books in its elementary, middle, and high school libraries and public libraries. The books have obscene content that is NOT protected by the First Amendment.
  • Despite numerous people attending board meetings to bring attention to these books, these books remain in the public and school libraries.
  • These books are tantamount to mental rape of our children’s minds and these respective boards must move this material to adult sections of the library and remove them from our kids’ schools.
  • This is NOT about BANNING books, but rather placing obscene and pornographic material in the public libraries into the adult section and removing obscene and pornographic books from availability of minors.
  • SAMPLES from books in WCSD libraries: (WARNING sexually explicit):
    • This book is in 16 WC high schools and one middle school.  [HERE]
    • This book is in 6 high schools. [HERE]
    • And many more, all documented! [HERE]

By signing this petition, you are directing our school board and superintendent to implement policy changes (being presented by public) to allow removal of these books from our kids’ school libraries and telling the library director and trustees to relocate the books to the adult section of our public libraries.

By signing this petition, you will NOT receive any emails, you will NOT be put on an email mailing list, your name and address will NOT be sold, rented, leased or in any other way be used or misused.

This petition will solely be used to show our public officials that residents of Washoe County want obscenity removed, per the US Supreme Court ruling on obscenity and the First Amendment, from our schools and relocated in our public libraries to the adult section.

Sign the petition [HERE].

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