Paul White Candidate for WCSD District G

Why I’m Running for School Board

Someone has to know what they’re talking about

by WCSD District G Candidate Paul D. White

There are a handful of reasons why I’m running for the WCSD School Board.

I’m running because the WCSD School Board provides no transparency in their meetings and is hiding our schools’ growing failures from the public. School Board meetings are held at times when most working parents cannot attend and in venues that barely hold 20 people when huge auditoriums are available. Public comment has been moved to the end of the meeting agendas to restrict public input.

I’m running because with chronic absenteeism running as high as almost 70% at some schools — making quality teaching impossible — the Board refuses to enforce NRS law that would stop this problem almost immediately.

I’m running because while claiming to aspire to a “drug free workplace,” the Board refuses to acknowledge or address the epidemic-level drug use on our campuses. Countless teachers, support staff, parents and students have confirmed this with Education Crusade, but are afraid to speak publicly for fear of reprisal from unconstitutional District policies. The District has no comprehensive drug-prevention program and has refused offers to hear a presentation on the unique West Valley Voluntary Drug-testing Program that builds moral values and gets entire schools drug-free.

I’m running because the Board refuses to acknowledge the increasing incidents of violence and abuse of teachers and other students that has been repeatedly reported in local media and viral videos. Large-scale campus riots have hospitalized students, Code Red lockdowns occur regularly, and a number of lawsuits are making their way through the legal system, filed by both students’ families and staff who have been seriously victimized by this violence.

I’m running because the result of all these issues is a chaotic campus environment where quality learning is virtually impossible. Not surprisingly, WCSD students have continued to achieve at a rate where 60-80% are functionally illiterate, which WCSD deceptively identifies as “below proficient” or “achieving (years) below grade level.”

I’m running because for over the past decade, no one can remember a single board member ever making even one unescorted, unannounced school visitation to normal classes. This is the only way an “outsider” can see — and the public can learn — how chaotic, dangerous, incompetently managed and academically dysfunctional our schools have become. Announced and escorted school visits are a complete waste of time, a misleading and orchestrated farce. They are the primary weapon superintendents use to deceive the public and fight off criticism about the true state of their schools. If elected, I would work to require that every board member make several unannounced and unescorted visits every month, and publicly report their findings at board meetings.

Most of all, I’m running for school board because the school board needs at least one member who actually knows what they’re talking about when it comes to fixing failing schools, i.e., someone who has hands-on teaching and leadership experience.

I have 38 years of authentic school experience as a teacher, principal and charter school superintendent. Our current Board — combined — has zero.

I’ve transformed over a dozen schools in more than seven school districts, turning failing schools into great schools. My students’ daily attendance exceeded 90%. My schools were virtually drug- and violence-free, respectful, and set historic records for academic achievement.

I can — and hope to — deliver the same kind of results to Washoe County schools.

But first, I have to get elected … and that’s up to you. My website,, contains detailed information about the kind of schools that WCSD could have.

This opinion column was submitted by Paul D. White, candidate for the Washoe County School Board’s At-Large District G seat. Paul D. White is a career educator, founder of, nationwide speaker on school reform, and co-author of “White’s Rules — Saving Our Youth One Kid at a Time.”

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)