The Washoe County Registrar of Voters Has Failed

Failure at Every Level

by We the People

The Washoe County Registrar of Voters (ROV) has failed miserably and will continue to do so unless they are fired or resign and are replaced with a competent individual. The lack of “transparency, accountability, and excellence” — the ROV’s mission statement — exhibited by this ROV has damaged voter confidence and created the appearance of impropriety. Consider:

Situational Analysis

  • Lack of functional knowledge
  • Loss of competent and skilled staff
  • Lack of disclosure of the Accuracy Certification Board (ACB) members and their work
  • Out of control budget request of $12.6 million for new equipment that no one is trained to operate, coupled with a lack of disclosure as to how the funds are specifically to be used


  • NV Presort: Collects ballots returned or undeliverable from USPS and brings to county, which the county can and should do on its own at lower cost
  • Democracy Live: Out-of-state company that powers OmniBallot for online sample ballots: The Halderman-Specter report says the system is unsafe
  • K&H Printers: Out-of-state paper ballot printer when an in-state printer is available
  • Metro Mailing Service: Out-of-state paper sample ballot vendor when an in-state vendor is available
  • Incode: An out-of-state signature verification company with no oversight, has access to voter rolls and signature images
  • BallotTrax: Out-of-state ballot tracking service that does not work but is rehired
  • Scytl: A foreign-based (Spain) results reporting service is reported as being unsafe

Unsafe and Inaccurate Election Systems and Software

  • Dominion ICX Prime w/VVPAT tape: The Halderman analysis and other analysis say the system is prone to a variety of vulnerabilities and hacks, including the VVPAT QR codes
  • Dominion ICC w/printer-scanner: Numerous analysts say the system is unsafe
  • Thumb drives used to transfer data between ICX and ICC: Presents a backdoor method to alter results that is seamless, unnoticeable, and untraceable
  • Poll books by ES&S: tested and approved by the Washoe County ACB who are unknown, tests results unknown, poll books are online
  • PollChief software by Konnech: Integrates with county’s voter data and signature image databases; Accused of sharing data with entities in China in this article and this one
  • DIMS signature management system by ESSVR: A known glitch since 2020 that changes party to non-party has not been fixed, non-party now largest group in Nevada
  • Pacific Automation: Ballot Batch and Cutter, Kodak scanner/imprinter i4250: tested and approved by the Washoe County ACB who are unknown, tests results unknown


  • Call for termination or resignation of the ROV
  • Promote a replacement
  • Find competent workers to fill staff positions, submit employment applications

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)