marijuana leaves photo with Is It Harmless?

Relax. It’s just marijuana.

Recent research is discrediting marijuana’s “harmless” reputation. The studies cite serious mental illnesses including psychosis, schizophrenia, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide as consequences of using marijuana, even after short term use. Of great concern is the impact marijuana use has on adolescents’ still developing brains.

“Cannabis-linked suicides increased at an average rate of 17% per year. 1 out of 4 perfectly health people who started using marijuana on a regular basis developed a severe mental disorder.” Dr. Drew Pinsky

Marijuana isn’t the harmless substance it’s touted to be. Years of propaganda by marijuana advocates have created its reputation as a safer and better alternative to alcohol, coming without the multiple harmful health consequences of alcohol abuse. Multiple states have legalized it, yet how much do marijuana users and advocates and voters approving the legalization really know about the substance? What is legalized marijuana’s impact on society?

The following articles and video provide facts surrounding marijuana’s explosive growth among all age groups. Sharing these links with friends and family might just save their lives.

[HERE] “What’s Wrong with Marijuana?” Prager U, Dec. 4, 2023

[HERE]  “Marijuana Induced Psychosis,” Daily Mail, Dec. 5, 2023

[HERE] “Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence,” Imprimus, Jan. 2019

by V. White

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