Democracy Upside Down Backwards

Redefining “Democracy”

Words Matter

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Neil Oliver, a Scottish political commentator. They discussed a wide range of topics in the 2+ hour conversation, but a portion of it was on “democracy,” a topic widely mentioned in today’s politics. [HERE]

It’s worth considering various definitions of the word “democracy” since so many different political factions believe their definition is the correct one. Far-Left Democrats and Progressives use the phrase “saving democracy” in almost every commercial, speech, mailer, video, and presentation. They claim that their candidates and elected representatives will “save democracy” from conservatives who are disingenuously colored as the enemies of freedom and liberty.

So what exactly is the definition of democracy that Progressives, far-Left activists, and the Democrat Party claim to protect and guard? Given their consistent efforts to redefine many words and terms such as “woman,” “identity,” and “sexual rights” (even for children), it’s no surprise that their definition is different from how democracy has been largely defined in the past.

With Democrats, Progressives, and far-Left activists in control of much of our government, the definition Tucker ascribes to them seems to be the most accurate. He then provides his own definition for democracy, one that the majority of Americans would likely agree is accurate.

Neil Oliver:

We were brought up in the West to talk about democracy and liberty and freedom and rights. What’s your take on the reality of what democracy even means now?

Because for me, I have been forced through a process of thinking about what democracy even is, and wondering what it is that we had that we called democracy. And certainly, wondering what it is that we have now, if anything, of that which we used to call democracy.

Tucker Carlson:

“Well, democracy, at least in my view, I mean it’s been redefined to mean — democracy is a system of government in which the people in charge, whether the elected officials, the agency heads, the people who run well-funded NGOs, when their views are represented, even though they may constitute 2% of the population’s views, when those views are represented, when they’re fully in charge they can do whatever they want. That’s “democracy.”

That’s not my view of democracy. My view of democracy is much more primitive, kind of the peasant view of democracy which is, it’s a species of private property. It’s ownership. I am a citizen of this country. I was born here, so were my parents, and I therefore have a share in this. I’m a shareholder in the country – like I own part of it. It’s mine actually. Now, I own 1/350000000 of it, but it’s still ownership. It’s still a share, and you can’t treat me like a slave or even your servant because this is my place. And that’s what I think democracy is. It’s almost like a temperamental — it’s a description of the certain worldview that you have about your government and your relationship to that government.

So, that’s how I feel about it. It doesn’t mean that if 51% of the population wants something, it gets it every time. We have a representative democracy, a constitutional republic, as I‘m often reminded. But basically, if you have a system where the people in charge don’t care at all about what the population thinks, we know for sure that’s not democracy.”

“The word democracy is little more than the punchline to a joke. In the United States in this year of a presidential election, politicians have learned to say that democracy itself is on the ballot, which is ironic given that the intention is to have one name on the ballot and one name only, other names banned.

The name of Donald J Trump removed altogether. The word democracy has had its meaning turned inside out, upside down.

To be democratic now is to ensure the delivery of power into the hands of the few and to hell with the wants of the many.” (Neil Oliver) [HERE]

It’s clear that the Progressives, the far-Left, and even the moderate Democrats wish to save the power for the few by redefining “democracy.”

Listen to Tucker’s entire conversation with Neil Oliver [HERE].

Nevada Signal Staff