Beth Smith Protest May 2024

Protesters at Beth Smith Fundraiser

Leadership and Representation Issues

A fundraiser for Washoe County School District candidate Beth Smith brought protesters to her event at a private home on May 2nd. Complaints about Smith included:

  • Removed public comment: As chair of WCSD’s Board of Trustees, Smith has silenced the public by removing public comment at the beginning of all board meetings; speakers are then made to wait until the unknown end of meeting to speak to the board. Speakers are often prevented from delivering their public comments when Smith gavels their speech. Smith also removed trustee board reports from agendas when trustees are allowed speak on issues of concern to their constituents.
  • Scheduling and location of board meetings: Meetings are scheduled in the early afternoon when working parents are unable to attend. Meeting venue is intentionally held in an extremely small district office room that frequently pushes meeting attendees into rooms distant from the board room.
  • Students not treated equally: Protesters mentioned their outrage that all WCSD students are not treated equally. Smith’s extreme left anti-white DEI political agenda (diversity, equity, and inclusion) discriminates against some students. Six of the seven trustees support Smith and cooperate in establishing DEI district policy. (See Smith’s Global DEI Award info/image below.)
  • Disastrous academics: Failure of the board during Smith’s tenure to have achieved academic improvement with Nevada continuing its position at the bottom in national education rankings.
  • Pornographic books: Smith’s refusal to address challenged books containing pornography in dozens of middle and high school libraries.
  • Group think: Trustee Jeff Church has been prevented from placing items on agendas to represent his constituents. Two trustees must support a request to place items on the agenda.
  • Whistleblower: A former WCSD employee has come forward accusing Smith of colluding to defame WCSD Trustee Jeff Church with false accusations. Smith and 5 board members have refused to approve an outside investigation of the false claims.

Smith was appointed in July 2021, then elected in 2022. She is now a candidate for WCSD District D Trustee. Victoria Myer, Chris Tabares, and Josh Cole are hoping to unseat Smith.


Beth Smith Protest Beth Smith Protest Beth Smith Protest Beth Smith Protest

Beth Smith Protest she only Lies when her lips are moving



Beth Smith Protest Parents won't vote Smith


Beth Smith DEI Award

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