Women marching in Gay Pride 2023 Reno

No. Nevada Gay “Pride” –

A Perspective on the Parade –

Having been a resident of Northern Nevada for 48 years and having never attended a Gay Parade,
I decided to see what was going on. When I arrived at Virginia Street, the first thing that impressed me was the large number of people lining the street. Rainbow flags and umbrellas were everywhere. Are there really this many people in the Truckee Meadows that support sexual perversion? Or, were most of these people imports from out of state like what happens when the Left needs election observers and people to push their agenda at government meetings? The other sight that sadly impacted my vision was the number of little children that were brought to the event, both lining the sidewalks and participating.

Who attended?

The first display was a band of Harley riders revving their engines. The City of Reno police and fire departments were on display in support. I was expecting to see men exposing themselves in an indecent manner like what happens at these parades elsewhere, but this event was definitely toned down. There were very few clearly gay men, but I did see the disgusting sight of seriously overweight people, mainly women, in scanty clothing. It was sad to see young and pretty women who were victims of the lesbian recruitment never to have a normal marriage and family. One red-headed boy looked totally miserable as he peered over the edge of a float while standing next to his mother who probably forced him to attend.

I saw two men who looked dangerous. Would any of these people lining the streets allow one of them to babysit their children? Probably not, unless they are stupid. At one point during the parade, a man dressed in drag atop a float started loudly clacking a fold out fan. Others joined in, and it seemed to be quite aggressive and made me feel there was a subtle message of intimidation in their fan clacking, especially with the way they were doing it.

3 men dressed in womanface, clownish and garrish riding on convertible in a parade

Early on, I heard the pleasing sound of an African man’s voice with his Kenyan accent speaking on a loudspeaker. At first, I thought it was part of the event, but then when I listened more carefully, I heard him warn of the dangers of sodomy and the dangers of God’s judgment. A white man ran up to him and started shoving him, but he retreated with a smile on his face. Later, I heard him again across the street with his pleasing sing-song voice and wearing a yellow vest.

Businesses that participated

It was shocking and surprising to see the number of businesses that were eager to support this event. Renown and St Mary’s had their displays. The strip club Vertical Barre had three women doing pole dancing. At least I think they were women. It was hard to tell sometimes. Three men were sitting in the front of one float dressed in drag. NV Energy had a huge truck. Thankfully, it did not run anybody over since the people on the sidelines handing out candy to the crowds were not paying attention. The hospitals, police and fire, and the power company have a monopoly, so they would have no fear of boycott. Bank of America was there with a banner saying, “Love has no labels.” NV Energy’s banner said, “Powerful Partners in Pride.” One disturbing banner from Nevada Cancer Foundation said, “Cancer Sucks,” giving me a sickening visual.

Towards the end, some Latino groups came along with female dancers in traditional colorful dresses. The thought came to my mind – why would they participate in something like this? The LatinX Club had a float. For those of you who don’t know, the X replaces the O which means masculine. Chase Bank had a float along with some haunted house places. Shea’s tavern had a trailer with a woman on board, completely naked and exposed at the top with only a fishnet covering her breasts. ReMax Realty had a large float with children sitting on it. Chewy.com had 20 or more of their employees marching with matching outfits. Penske provided a flatbed truck with side panels filled with young people. Palisades Ski Resort had a float with suggestive signs, one of which said, “Grooming ends here.”

Two young women marched with very large cloth breasts attached to their front. There were two female roller derby clubs that reminded me of a survey of college female sports teams where all of the women turned gay. Sad. Harrah’s Automobile Museum contributed an old car. Marriott had a sign saying, “Love Travels.” Geodis Transport had a Pride sign. Pet Smart had a big display with signs touting “unconditional love.” JetBlue had a sign saying, “Nonstop Pride” and “We’re Just Plane Proud.” Downtown Vision said, “See the Love.” Of course, the Democrats were there, but I didn’t see any Republicans.

Religious Participants

Religious groups participated. I saw the Jewish Synagogue, Unity, Center for Spiritual Living, Good Shepherd Lutheran, and St. Paul’s Episcopal. The Unitarian Universalist pastor carried a sign saying, “This Queer and Trans Minister Knows You’re Sacred.” There were a lot of older people that one would not expect to support this stuff.

Young child in wagon with rainbows in street at Gay ParadeIt was disturbing to see the Girl Scouts marching with about 20 girls and leaders. Encompass Academy, US Bank, and Nevada State Bank had marchers. The Sons and Daughters of Erin had a big float. Clearly, they wouldn’t mind their children going gay.

The Northern Nevada Pride event was clearly well-attended and a success in terms of participation. One wonders what God would think of the ostentatious displays defying his laws on sexuality. I also wonder what the participation rate would be for a parade celebrating sexual normalcy and American cultural traditions? Who would organize it and would the business community support it?

(Sagebrush Sam)

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)