Urinal on fire with Washoe County School District text

WCSD’s New Discipline Plan – A Complete Farce

What’s in it?

by Paul D. White

Education Crusade has read the “New Plan” for safer Washoe County School District schools, and you can too HERE (“Attachment A”) and below.

Here are just some of the current student behaviors that the new Discipline Plan will need to address. These incidents occur countless times – every day – and require immediate intervention in order to prevent serious injury to staff and students.Education Crusade logo

  • Major physical and verbal teacher abuse
  • In-school use and sales of drugs/alcohol by over half of our students
  • Student-on-student robbery, theft, beatings, extortion
  • Numerous lethal weapons on campuses
  • Gang activity
  • Sex-trafficking

Here is how WCSD plans to solve these serious, urgent problems that need immediate attention.

  • Mindfulness training (religious-style meditation, except it excludes God)
  • “Form relationships” (?)
  • Make “Community Circles: (?)
  • “Take brain-exercise breaks” (?)
  • Ask the school psychologist what THEY think should be done.
  • Ask the School Discipline Committee’s multiple members what THEY think should be done.
  • See what the 11-page “Behavior Matrix” recommends (?)
  • Do “self-awareness exercises”
  • Write “restorative notes” and have “private chats”
  • Implement “Restore at the Door” (??)
  • Do “behavior support planning”
  • Write up a behavior contract. Have the assailant sign it and promise to be good.
  • “Perform a threat assessment” and speak with your principal about it
  • “Call the School Police for help” [someone had a good sense of humor]

Restorative versus Traditional Discipline

But not to worry , the new Discipline Plan does make a 1-or-2-day suspension an occasional option, but not until a 7-Step Hearing Process has been convened which can take several days to arrange. Meanwhile, the student who just destroyed a teacher keeps coming into his/her class every day. The teacher soon resigns.

Will the new Discipline Plan make our schools safer? Of course not.

Our WCSD schools will get more and more dangerous. Our children will continue to learn less and less if that’s possible. More and more teachers will quit.

Ultimately, Clark County’s current situation of canceling school days due to insufficient teachers will also become WCSD’s situation. WCSD will be forced to cancel more and more school days because not enough teachers will come to school to be abused by students.

WCSD’s new Discipline Plan was written and approved by absolute “moral idiots.

“Moral idiocy is an inability to distinguish between right and wrong, or to understand how moral values apply to ones own life and the lives of others. The term is sometimes used to describe amoral institutional behavior, with the suggestion that moral idiocy may be an ingrained feature of some social, commercial, and/or political constructs.”  (Wikiwand)

Everyone connected with writing and/or approving the Discipline Plan has demonstrated conclusively that they know less-than-nothing about creating safe schools and that they are incapable of establishing an education program that will prepare students for anything but functional illiteracy.

The school board must find the moral courage to terminate not just Superintendent Enfield, but also every administrator who hasn’t spoken out against the superintendent’s incompetent leadership.

Until that happens, the only “plan” WCSD will have is a plan for continuing to ruin the careers of 3,700 teachers, the futures of 60,000 children, and the quality of life for 500,000 Washoe County residents.

Late-breaking Report

A sitting Washoe County School Board trustee recently placed his/her own family member(s) on a private school waiting list, planning an escape for them out of the disaster called the Washoe County School District. It’s like a restaurant owner who encourages the public to eat his lousy food, but knows his food is awful and won’t eat it himself.

This unnamed school board member should cast the first votes in motions to reject the new discipline plan and terminate Superintendent Enfield along with her enabling sycophants.

Students in WCSD schools are demonstrably • Not LEARNING • Not SAFE, and • Not in a MORAL ENVIRONMENT.

What possible reason does any parent have for entrusting their children to this dysfunctional, dangerous, and decadent system?

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(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)