Target with red splatter

Nashville Shooter Manifesto Leaked

Details of the Nashville Shooter’s manifesto were leaked to the  “Louder with Crowder” show today. The manifesto’s handwritten documents were shown describing the March, 2023 shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee where 3 children and 3 adults were murdered by transgender Aiden Hale. Documented in the transgender shooter’s manifesto is blatant language expressing hatred of whites, Christians, and all those with “white privilege.” Authorities have refused to release the shooter’s manifesto since March 2023.

“White privilege” is a concept widely taught and promoted in public school curriculums across the country. The narrative is delivered within the majority of public school curriculum content areas at both primary and upper education levels. More on “white privilege” in education [HERE].

Disturbingly, Google and Facebook (including affiliated Instagram and YouTube) began censoring and limiting posts containing images of the handwritten manifesto.

Access written and video details of the manifesto on the Louder with Crowder Rumble channel. [HERE]

by Staff