My Dear Adopted Country, You Are Going the Wrong Way


My name is Siavosh Shamshiri. I am originally from Iran. I came to the United States in the late 70’s, and have been an American citizen for over 20 years.

I love America because it has given me a great life. However, I am greatly worried about our nation’s future: its education system, the way people are parenting their children, and the direction our government is heading. That is why I’m writing.

I received a very good education in Iran for 12 years. That was before Ayatollah Khomeini came to power after the Iranian Revolution. Even though Farsi was my first language, the schools in Iran taught me 6 years of English, and also provided a strong foundation in the sciences, social studies, math, and English.

After I came to the U.S., I married an American woman. We had a son who I raised essentially as a single parent from the age of 5 to adulthood. I work full-time and still help provide regular daycare for my 2 young grandchildren.


In order to be a good parent to my own son, I started working the graveyard shift at the business where I was employed. This allowed me to be available for my child when he was awake.

My son attended a local elementary school where I took him to school every day. I usually brought him to school an hour early, and I would play soccer with him and almost 30 other kids who joined us on the school field. I picked him up every day after school and was with him until I put him to bed at night. Then I would go off to work while my son was being watched by a trusted adult. When he woke up each morning, I was home from work and was there for him.

Getting enough sleep was not a priority during those years of raising my son. I was like a sleepless zombie during much of that time. This was not unusual to me because I came from a country where families are very close and carefully look after their children. I was just doing with my own child (and now with my grandchildren) what  was done for me, and most of the other children I knew.

The direction I see parenting headed in today’s America is not good. Parents seem to be more interested in their own lives and making lots of money than they are in making sure their children are always in a safe, moral environment. When you have chosen to raise a  child, you should never say “no” to whatever must be done to ensure your children are living full, productive lives.  Never, ever, ever!

Education and Our Schools

I do not recognize the public schools that parents send their children to today. They have changed for the worst in every possible way since the time when I was taking my son to school.

In today’s schools, I could not do what I did for my own son. The schools do not want parents visiting their children without totally controlling what they are doing and saying.

There is almost no discipline or consequences for behaving badly. Teachers who try to keep order in their classrooms are threatened and assaulted … and nothing happens to the children who do this. The children do not even feel safe with each other and are afraid because no one is protecting them.

Drugs are everywhere in our schools, and no one cares enough about the children to make them stop using them.

Most students struggle to read and do basic math. How can the schools brag about graduating students when most of them have learned almost no academic skills and are not prepared for their futures?

Students are taught nothing about the greatness of America’s achievements, but are taught garbage and lies about about our nation’s history, about science, and about each other.

When teen-age boys and girls go through a normal period of figuring out their own unique identities, schools are teaching them that a possible solution is to change their sex or become a homosexual.  Our school and county libraries get rid of books that teach students about America’s many great heroes, but they provide books that teach them how to masturbate.

Worst of all, children are being taught not to tell their parents anything that the schools are doing in these areas.

The people who are teaching this  garbage and getting away with it need to be exposed. Parents and the community need to push back.  Our kids are being brainwashed and have no clue what’s really going on.

Our Government

Our government at all levels is getting more and more corrupt and is using our own tax dollars to control and destroy us.

The Covid shut-down that the government forced on us took away our freedom and destroyed businesses and schools unnecessarily. The shut-down closed churches and let bars stay open.

The government promotes laws that encourage women to abort more babies, right up to the day they’re born, and the government acts happy about these laws!

The government does not tell the homeless to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. Instead, the government just gives them more and more money to do nothing, and the situation gets worse.

Instead of using technology to solve our problems, the government is using it to get into every detail of our lives, take away our privacy, manipulate our elections, and pass more laws to make us non-thinking robots who they can terrorize and control for their own personal benefit.

There is a word for this type of government – the kind where men and women have no freedom and no control over their own lives. The word is communism.

If America is ever going to fix these problems, it will have to be done from the inside. We need more teachers and students and parents and workers and retired people and everyone to have the courage – to love America enough to stand up, make louder noise, and demand change.

When I first came to the United States from Iran, everyone in the world wanted to come here because we had real freedom, fair government, safe cities, and unlimited opportunities to make a great future for ourselves and our families.

We don’t have to do research to know that this situation has changed, and not for the better. We see it all around us and hear about it every day. Doing something is better than doing nothing and waiting for things to get worse.

That is why I wrote this – something I have never done before. I want to encourage you and remind myself that winning the fight of good over evil in America will require all of us to stand up and speak out.

(Siavosh Shamshiri was born in Iran. He is a Washoe County, Nevada resident, a career restaurant worker, a committed parent and grandparent, and a proud, voting citizen of the United States of America.) 

((The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)