Washoe County Library Audit

Investigation and Audit: pornographic books for children in county libraries

Washoe County’s Audit Committee met on June 22, 2023 at the Washoe County Complex on Ninth Street. Committee members heard from approximately a dozen members of the public requesting a library audit of the Washoe County Library system, specifically seeking information on books furthering LGBTQ activities, Pride Month for children, transgender topics, pornography in children’s books, and purged books. The audit was approved by a majority of the voting members of the committee and is tentatively scheduled to be completed by mid-July of 2024.

Ms. Barbara Kinnison made the motion to the committee for authorizing an audit to include data on the library’s finances, book purchases, and costs for promotion of all LBGTQ activities held inside county libraries. County Comptroller Cathy Hill stated an audit would be impossible to return book titles as there are no categories assigned to purchased books, as such. Public comments during the meeting addressed the many Pride Month activities promoted by Library Director Jeff Scott, various nonfiction books for children that graphically depict sexual activities among homosexuals, including actual images of sex acts involving adults with children.

Committee members approved the audit of the library system’s finances and an audit of books purchased. Public attendees offered to supply volunteers to help complete the audit and urged a sense of expediency for completion of the task.

Commissioner Hill initially opposed the library audit. Hill contended that a golf audit should be completed before the library audit stating, “Golf doesn’t cost the county anything, but I’d like the golf audit to be completed ahead of the library audit.” Supporters of the library audit in the audience questioned why Hill would prioritize a golf audit above pornographic books for children in Washoe’s public libraries.

Later during the meeting, Committee member Matthew Buehler requested a Community Advisory Board focusing on election integrity for Washoe County elections. No action was taken on his request although those in attendance loudly supported the request.

Also mentioned by public speakers was a request for an audit of local nonprofits receiving county funding, specifically mentioning the CARES Campus that has received over $130M in government funding over the past year. The CARES campus is the tent structure housing the homeless population located on 4th Street in Reno.

Audit Committee Members

Committee members are: Commissioner Jeanne Herman, Alternate  Commissioner Alexis Hill, Barbara Kinnison, Charlene Hart, Randy Brown, Matthew Buehler, and County Manager Eric Brown with Internal Audit Manager Katelyn Kleidosty.

Next Meeting

The next Audit Committee meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. in Administrative building “A” within the county complex on Wells Avenue and Ninth Street.  Interested members of the public are welcome to attend and give comment regarding any of these issues.

(by Mae Sue)