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Your Taxpayer Funds Weaponized Against You

Washoe County — No Election Integrity

The recent article in the Aug. 8, 2023 Reno Gazette Journal (RGJ) covering the lawsuits filed by Robert Beadles and the County’s legal response to them should anger every Washoe County taxpayer and resident. Let’s go through the reasons why and review what you need to do to protect our elections and our rights.


The Washoe County Elections Department, along with a few of the county commissioners, seem to do everything in their power to limit or completely destroy transparency in our elections.

“Ask anyone who has observed at the ballot processing center during the recent primary and general elections about ‘transparency.’ They’ll laugh and tell you the county’s claim of transparency is a joke.”

  • Voter registration rolls are a mess. Contrary to the claims that the rolls are “clean,” undeliverable mail-in ballots to voters on the registration rolls prove the opposite. Attempts to have Registrar of Voters Jamie Rodriguez truly clean the rolls have all been consistently rebuffed without explanation.
  • Critical stages in the ballot processing such as signature verification, ballot tabulation, and ballot adjudication are kept as far away from observers as physically possible.
  • The holding and storage of ballots as they make their way through and after processing is made as confusing as possible. Bins of ballots are moved several times during processing without clear indication of why.
  • The individuals supposedly providing answers to observers’ questions were cursory, not providing any real insight into the department’s actions.
  • The handling of ballots at post offices is even hidden. There is zero cooperation in allowing voters any transparency in post office ballot handling including delivery to and from voters and from the post office to the ballot processing center. A submitted Freedom of Information Act request to USPS was denied based on “trade secrets” being revealed.

Preventing Truly Transparent Elections

To be plain, there is zero transparency in Washoe elections. Using computers and machines guarantees zero transparency, but that’s exactly why electronic voting systems (EVS) proponents fight tooth and nail to prevent paper ballots, hand-counted at the precinct-level elections. The supposed benefits of the machines – accuracy, speed, and reliability – are all false and nothing more than propaganda or a “magic show.” A hand count of paper ballots could be done more quickly, more accurately, more reliably, and more cheaply than EVSs.

“Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.”

• Wouldn’t it seem reasonable for ballot processing and election results to be clearly shown and explained IF the processes were honest?
• Why would there be a molecule of resistance if the processes and results were as reliable and verifiable as county employees purport them to be?
• Would lawsuits have ever been filed had County Manager Eric Brown, the County Commissioners, Registrar of Voters Jamie Rodriguez, and the Secretary of State (SOS) inspected the election result anomalies that were discovered and analyzed by world-class experts?
• Wouldn’t someone have refuted the experts’ analyses for the $80K reward offered by Robert Beadles?
• Has anyone else noticed the similarities between the national and local authorities’ refusals to view evidence proving election manipulation, anomalies, and/or irregularities? They all seem to be following the same script.

Taxpayer Money Weaponized Against Taxpayers

The County District Attorney’s Office is wasting taxpayers’ money to deny a citizen’s right to question election results. Robert Beadles’ simple requests for information and a review of election anomalies were denied without cause. Only after the county’s and ROV’s repeated refusals to review the evidence or provide information did he file lawsuits. Now, instead of proving the validity of the elections results, the Washoe County District Attorney’s office threatens Beadles with legal action. These threats were delivered by local print media who also took the opportunity to disparage Beadles.

Recently, one county counsel employee told me verbatim at a Board of County Commissioners’ meeting that his job was “to protect the commissioners, not the public.”  This creates a perfect scenario for a tyrannical regime. Taxpayers fund the protection of elected individuals and county employees who refuse to listen to and/or represent constituents and instead rule as if a monarchy. (See Nevada Signal article HERE.)

County Manager Eager to Contract with “The Elections Group”

The Elections Group business card with "Helpful Resources"According to Robert Beadles, the SOS’s Deputy of Elections Mark Wlaschin introduced The Elections Group (TEG) to County Manager Eric Brown. Why would Wlaschin recommend a biased and partisan vendor with negative recommendations to County Manager Eric Brown? TEG is the group with ties to Zuckerberg money, Center for Civic Design, Democracy Fund, and other biased, left-leaning organizations.

TEG is presently seeking a second contract to overhaul Washoe’s Election Department from the ground up including filling all positions in the department with new employees except ROV Jamie Rodriguez. Any guesses as to how many of the new hires will be recent arrivals in Washoe and TEG-approved individuals instead of local, trusted, and known residents unaffiliated with TEG?

Election Violation Reports Not Investigated

According to the same RGJ article, the District Attorney’s office believes that the state has a mechanism for reporting violations – through the Secretary of State’s website and report form ….” Sounds good on the surface, but the violation report process is nothing more than sleight of hand. Hundreds or thousands of violation reports were submitted during the primary and general elections. A superficial, thoroughly inadequate “investigation” was supposedly completed by the SOS’s office. As someone very familiar with the present Registrar of Voters after observing her for hours and days and having multiple conversations with her, the SOS’s investigator bewilderingly used language very similar to the ROV. It’s almost as if the investigator responded to violations with the ROV’s dictated response.

Submitting violation reports to the Secretary of State (SOS) is like submitting your evidence of a crime committed against you to the accused perpetrator and allowing the perpetrator to adjudicate the crime.

Having personally submitted multiple election violations to the SOS, one specific incident – proven on video – received a “no violation” response from the SOS’s office. There is no justification for any confidence in the integrity of the SOS’s office or the individuals working in it.

Name-calling as a Defense

If you’ve noticed a pattern of name-calling by those wishing to hide their actions or to resist doing the right thing, you will see it in the RGJ article quoting DA Office staff in disparaging Beadles’ character, his legal actions and documents, and his ongoing efforts to get election result anomalies reviewed. The DA’s office seeks to detract from the accusations presented in his lawsuits against county officials and individual county commissioners.

 Embarrassingly, Washoe’s District Attorneys, failing in their duties to oversee some county functions and bodies, necessitated members of the public correcting their failures. Do they really know what they’re doing other than threatening and possibly libeling or slandering a citizen fighting for election integrity?

Washoe 311 Censoring?

The problematic transparency issues extend to the county’s 311 public information request processes. Apparently, all requests are initially directed to the County Manager instead of directly to the pertinent departments. What’s the problem with that? Speaking from first-hand experience, it becomes impossible to get any answers if the County Manager doesn’t wish to share the requested information.

Your Time to Act

Enough is enough. It’s time for all citizens, regardless of party affiliation, to demand true transparency, true representation by our elected individuals, ethical use of taxpayer funds, the end of tyrannical edicts from county officials, and the end of unilateral decision-making by either one county commissioner or the county manager who are both eager to exceed the privileges of their positions.

Contact the District Attorney’s Office, the County Commissioners, the Registrar of Voters, the Secretary of State, and your legislators, and lodge your verbal and written complaints. We all have a right to fair and transparent elections, so if you care about the impact elections have on the futures of you and your family members, demand that the District Attorney focus on actual crimes instead of harassing citizens for pursuing election integrity. Demand that the District Attorney stop wasting taxpayer money on their tyrannical and abusive legal actions.

More Info on Washoe’s Elections

Visit OperationSunlight to learn more about the history and progress of Robert Beadles’ efforts to bring election integrity to Washoe County and Nevada. The latest posts about the lawsuits and more can be found HERE and HERE.

by V. White

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)