Is WCSD preparing a new version of “Hitler Youth”?

A historical comparison: WCSD Education and “Hitler Youth”

During the mid-20th century, a government-sponsored youth organization was established in Germany. It started as a voluntary program recruiting children 10 to 18 years old.

The German organization’s influence on children was successful and so widely accepted that the government made participation mandatory.  Over a period of three years, this children’s group grew from 1200 participants to over 5 million. The leaders of this activity turned it into one of the most dangerous, psychological abuses of children in recorded history. Referred to in Germany as “H-J” (Hitlerjugend), this organization became known to the rest of the world by its English translation “Hitler Youth.”

“Give me 4 years to teach a child, and the seed I’ve sown will never be uprooted.”  (Vladimir Lenin)

“Whoever has the youth, has the future.” (Adolph Hitler)

WCSD: Learning from history or repeating it?

The following is a comparison between practices of the Hitler Youth movement  in Nazi Germany,  and current trends in the Washoe County School District. DOES history repeat itself?  You decide.

HY: “Hitler Youth” targeted 10-18 year-old children.
WCSD: Washoe County School District includes that group and younger.

HY: Took over the traditional responsibilities of parents in their children’s lives.
WCSD: Provides students:  2-3 free meals per day, morning and evening daycare, clothing, transportation, medical treatment, counseling, and … the issue of providing student housing is under discussion.

HY: Encouraged students to trust the government more than their parents, withhold information from them, and reported parents who opposed the government’s values and activities. HY understood that removing children from the influence of their parents was the best way to spread their ideology into family units.
WCSD: Is doing this with sex education, transgender issues, homosexual behavior, abortion, and suicidal tendencies.

HY: Discouraged and disparaged any talk or practice of religion and Judeo-Christian values.
WCSD:  Ditto

HY: Encouraged sexual activity for children.
WCSD:  Encourages sexual activity for children by graphically teaching/reading about explicit sexual activities, and providing no moral/spiritual values that oppose it.

HY: Brainwashed children with a distorted and propaganda-friendly version of their country’s history, stressing racism as a major factor.
WCSD: Ditto, with Critical Race Theory,  Diversity/Equity/Inclusiveness, the 1619 Project, etc.

HY: Encouraged drug and alcohol use.
WCSD: Encourages drug and alcohol use by allowing half or more of their students to use drugs and alcohol at school every day. Virtually NO behavioral or legal consequences and NO legitimate program to try and prevent this behavior.

HY: Encouraged violence and assaultive behavior on other children and adults.
WCSD: Encourages violent, assaultive behavior on students and adults by not enforcing state laws and school policies that would prevent it.

HY: Placed no real emphasis on academic learning.  The purpose of schools was to serve as a propaganda incubator for teaching ideology:
• Creating future “soldiers” to replenish the ranks of the dominant political party and prevent the growth of any opposition
• Undermining traditional social structures and values.
• Identifying for children who their enemies were, and teaching them to blame these individuals and groups for their OWN shortcomings.
WCSD: Ditto, and the list of “enemies” they’re taught to blame includes: White people, Christians and Christian parents, heterosexuals, Constitutionalists, Conservatives, Republican voters, and more.

HY: Removed any motivation for children to want to become the best. Those who worked hard and accomplished much, and those who did not, were rewarded equally. Obedience to ideological values of the government was the most important thing.
WCSD: Ditto. WCSD awards diplomas to thousands of students every year whose test scores prove them to be functionally illiterate.

HY: Worked patiently, steadily, and gradually to implement freedom-restricting policies, until they became the “new normal.”
WCSD: Has multiple policies for both staff AND students that threaten them if they publicly speak out regarding abuses and illegal activity that they observe at school.

Can a small group wrest control from the majority?

Less than 3% of the German people voted for the Nazi party in its first election.  And yet, that small group ultimately influenced the other 98% into accepting the destructive practices described above.

WCSD schools are being run over a cliff by much LESS than 3%. They are being irreparably ruined by 3 things.
1) We have a superintendent who is allowing our schools’ problems to continue and increase because she has no experience in solving them. The superintendent has been in the district for approximately one year, and our schools are WORSE than when she was hired.

2) We have an entire school-board-minus-one who ALSO has no experience in fixing dysfunctional schools. The Board’ arrogance and pride won’t let them admit they made a huge mistake in hiring a completely unqualified leader. eanwhile, our children’s and our county’s futures continue to suffer.

3) The120,000 parents of the 60,000 students who remain in our school district are the biggest part of this problem. Making a choice they will regret for the rest of their lives, these parents are trading their children’s learning, safety, and futures for 7 hours per day of “free” childcare.

“Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” (George Santayana)

“I would tell the parents or grandparents of any school-age child: ‘Do whatever you have to do to keep your children OUT of WCSD schools, not just because they will not LEARN, but because they will not be SAFE.’  and, the existing system needs to be totally rebuilt, and those responsible for it need to be removed … COMPLETELY!” (a career student supervisor of Washoe County School District)






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