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Secure elections with hand counted ballots

How many different times have you heard about how and when to vote – before election day or on election day? In person on a machine or with a mail-in ballot? The following website link and video  provide very clear explanations of how and when you should vote this election.

Hand counting ballots was the norm for centuries. Now, all of a sudden, hand counting ballots is just “too dangerous” – at least that’s what some people and organizations would like you to believe. With all the new evidence coming forward regard many election anomalies in the past two elections where computerized election management systems were used, every citizen should be demanding hand counted ballot elections for 2024!

We’ve been gaslighted before (“safe” Covid vaccinations). Don’t allow it to happen again with how our votes should be counted when someone tells you that the elections are secure. The article and video [HERE] explain very clearly why America’s only hope for honest, secure elections is in hand counting ballots.

Data breaches everywhere

You, and thousands more, have likely received not just one, but many, notices from accounts you have telling you that a “data breach” has resulted in your name, birth date, social security number, address being accessed illegally. It’s happening everywhere – mortgage and insurance companies, credit cards, home accounts, and more. You are then offered a year or two of some credit monitoring service for free because everything private about you has just been stolen. So, what does this have to do with elections? If banks and businesses who have secure systems to maintain their data are able to be breached, then why isn’t it believable that our election system could be accessed illegally. It doesn’t take a high IQ to understand that a hand counted ballot election would absolutely be more secure than a computer system where no one can see what’s going on inside the software and machines or even who is accessing the system locally or on a different continent. Election management systems today claim that the software is “proprietary” meaning that no one except the election company itself can see what the software is programmed to do. The software can hide how it counts, how it records individuals logging into the system, and more. What IS readily accessible to anyone with some specific tech skills, are passwords because generic passwords are used throughout the systems including the parts where counts can be “adjusted.” How’s that for security!

It’s now or never!

There’s no more time to consider which path to take to achieve honest and transparent elections. Hand counting ballots is the only way we can be sure that our votes are counted accurately and that the final results are verifiable. Until human eyes can see and touch actual ballots, not images of ballots, not a computer printout, there is no way to verify that election results are accurate. It’s not just time to question authority, it’s time to question computerized election processes including voter registrations. “Trust but verify” is the old adage, but verification with computerized election management systems isn’t possible. You can’t see what’s happening with your eyes as is possible with eyes on ballots.

Let your local representatives know – repeatedly if need be – that you want a hand counted ballot election. It’s in their power to dictate how elections are conducted.

No more machines. No more election management systems.

From HandcountRoadshow.org

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