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“First in the West” – 2024 Republican Party Caucus

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  1. 1. (in some US states) a meeting at which local members of a political party register their preference among candidates running for office or select delegates to attend a convention.

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NV GOP Caucus v Primary

NV GOP Caucus Flowchart

What is the Nevada Republican Party Caucus (RPC)?

  • An election where only registered Republicans vote to select a Republican candidate for President who will appear on the ballot in the November, 2024 General Election.
  • Held on February 8, 2024, the Caucus is a model for fair and transparent elections. The NV RPC is an election established by a private entity/party holding the right to conduct its elections as it deems most trustworthy and transparent. As such, it is not required to abide by NV Secretary of State election laws, codes, or regulations. No mail-in ballots or voting machines will be used in the RPC.
    • Voting locations are in local precincts held on the same day and time throughout Nevada.
    • Voter ID (government-issued) is required and is used to verify voter registration before receiving a Caucus ballot.
    • Paper, hand-counted ballots are counted by precinct residents on the same day.
  • No same-day registrations are allowed which prevents corruption of the election process by disallowing organized attempts to alter the Caucus result.

How do I vote in the NV Republican Party Caucus?

  • Register to vote as a Republican by Dec. 31, 2023. Verify your registration and print out the verification [HERE].
  • Attend the Caucus in your local precinct on Feb. 8, 2024 where your ballot will be available. You may only vote for a candidate appearing on the Caucus ballot, however, your preferred candidate may have chosen NOT to participate in the Caucus. Precinct locations will be announced no later than Nov. 30, 2023.
  • Absentee Caucus Ballots will be made available to military members only.

Which Republican candidates will be on the Caucus ballot?

  • Only those Presidential candidates hoping to receive delegates’ votes to the National Convention will be on the Caucus ballot.
  • The following candidates will appear on the 2024 Caucus ballot:
    • Ryan Binkley
    • Governor Doug Burgum
    • Former Governor Chris Christie
    • Governor Ron DeSantis
    • Vivek Ramaswamy
    • Former President Donald J. Trump

What happens at the Caucus?

  • Voter attends the Republican Party Caucus to cast their vote for their preferred presidential candidate.
  • Registered Republican volunteers from each precinct conduct the approved balloting process for each precinct.
  • Each Republican receives one ballot on which they mark their preferred candidate.
  • NV is not a “winner takes all” state. The Caucus votes will be delivered proportionally to each Republican candidate at the Republican National Convention.
  • A Precinct meeting immediately follows the Caucus. See details below.

How do I become a delegate to the National Convention?

  • At the Precinct Meeting, you:
    • 1) sign up to become a member of the Washoe County Republican Central Committee.
    • 2) You may self-nominate to become a delegate to the County Convention.
  • At the County Convention: you may self-nominate to become a delegate to the State Convention.
  • At the State Convention: you may self-nominate to become a delegate to the National Convention.
  • The NV GOP results are cast at the Republican National Convention in Wisconsin on July 15-18, 2024.
  • Delegates at all levels must pay their own expenses.

What is the Presidential Preference Primary (PPP)?

  • The NV Republican Caucus holds the final authority to send votes to the National Republican Convention. The PPP is not how the NV Republican Party will select their preferred candidates. By law, no political party may be held to the results of the PPP.
  • The PPP is a NV Secretary of State (SoS) primary election, supposedly intended to select the Republican Presidential candidate. The PPP will comply with NV Secretary of State’s (SoS) laws, codes, regulations, and processes. The NV SoS holds no authority to determine who NV Republicans choose as their Republican candidate. ONLY the NV Republican Caucus holds the authority for that decision.
  • Mail-in ballots will be delivered and processed by each county’s Registrar of Voters or County Clerks.
  • Candidates appearing on the NV Republic Party Caucus will NOT appear on the PPP ballot. Candidates appearing on the PPP will not appear on the RPC.
  • So why is there a NV PPP? Possible reasons?
    • Candidates appearing on the PPP ballot will attempt to use the results of this unapproved and invalid PPP election to raise funds in other states.
    • To sow confusion among Republican voters
    • To waste $5 million of taxpaper money
    • PPP candidates will likely not campaign in Nevada since they will not win any NV delegate votes.

Should Republicans also vote in the PPP?

  • No.
  • The NV Republican Party Caucus is the only way to make your vote count in choosing Nevada’s and the National Republican Convention’s candidate who will appear on the November, 2024 General Election ballot.
  • If you enjoy coloring in ballot bubbles, then you’re free to complete the PPP ballot. Doing so will not prevent you from voting in the Caucus, but it will have no effect in choosing the Republican candidate for President in 2024. The PPP has no authority to choose the Republican Party’s presidential candidate.
  • Candidates appearing on the PPP will receive NO delegate votes from the state of Nevada at the National Convention.

Where can I find more details for the NV Republican Party Caucus?

  • The NV Republican President Caucus information may be found on the NV Republican Party website [HERE].