Alexander Hamilton US Debt $35 Trillion

Failure to Legislate = $35 Trillion National Debt

Can you remember when Congress actually followed their own guidelines and procedures on the legislative process? You know, it is when a bill is introduced, then referred to the appropriate sub-committee. If accepted, it is then presented to the full committee for review. If the full committee votes to approve the bill, then the majority leadership of the House or the Senate decides to place a bill on the calendar for consideration by all members, which includes the “ floor debate stage.”

Ah, you remember that stage … or do you? You probably don’t because it is rarely, if ever, used. Nowadays, a bill comes out of the full committee where it goes to print – often containing thousands of pages of pork, minutia, special-interest garbage, and woke earmarks conveniently stuffed into the belly of the hogwash bill.

No One Knows What’s in the Bills

Then, here’s the fun part. It is distributed to the members just a few hours before landing on the floor (in the wee hours of the morning) for a full majority vote to be passed. Once a bill passes both houses of Congress, it moves to the president’s desk for a signature or a veto of the bill. This process is straight out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook on how to legislate:

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Well, they’ve done it again. On March 22nd Congress passed a massive $1.2 trillion spending package just hours before the government would have shut down. I wish they would have missed the deadline – ninety percent of the government should shutdown – permanently and we’d be much better off. It’s the same old scare tactic with which the media gaslights us. Then you have Senator Amy Klobuchar doing backflips on X (formerly known as Twitter…why do we have to keep saying that?) bragging about passing a debt-building bill in the dark of night.

Didn’t the government just pass a $469 billion spending package a couple of weeks ago? This ruthless spending happens so often, we pay little or no attention to it – but we should. The U.S. government’s debt is on a collision course to reach $54 trillion in the coming decade.

And to think, we are in the middle of fiscal 2024, so this budgeting process should have begun in September of 2023. But, like all good little legislators, they wait until the last minute – perhaps so they don’t have to read the thousands and thousands of pages contained in the bills.


So, what’s in this preposterous 1,012-page HR-2282 bill? Well, even Congress doesn’t know because they didn’t have time to read it, debate it, or follow any of the legislative procedures to which they were elected to adhere. Sadly, but not surprising, House Speaker Johnson failed to keep his promise not rush a rollout of a spending bill. Looks like we have another RINO in sheep’s clothing!

I almost forgot, the White House puts out a document each year concerning the upcoming budget. Included, is a “Budget Message from the President.” Well, hold on to your hat (if you can still afford to buy one) because it is full of lies, exaggerations, mistruths, misinformation, and deception all in print form. The verbal form would be full of gaffs, stuttering, and made-up words.

Open Border Madness and Immigration

The 2024 $1.2 trillion spending package naturally includes all the usual superfluous earmarks you would expect from the radical left, as well as plenty from the right. Let’s start with what is a very glaring issue that could have been avoided on day one of this administration – border security. The new budget will allocate $380 million to fund the border security efforts of foreign countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Tunisia. Yet, despite the United States facing an unprecedented crisis on our southern border, only $150 million to secure our own border. Again, that’s just to supposedly “secure” the border. They have allocated billions more dollars to “clean-up” the mess they created because of an insecure border.

So, the “clean-up on aisle 4” includes $11.8 billion that will go towards hiring 1300 additional Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) personnel to “secure” the border; stop fentanyl and other contraband from entering the U.S.; investigate and disrupt human trafficking and other criminal activities; and hire 1600 Asylum Officers to process asylum claims. The budget also includes funds to support 34,000 ICE immigration detention beds.

Then they have budgeted $981 million to enhance America’s immigration courts to help address the backlog of over 2.4 million currently pending cases. I hate to break it to Joe and his clueless clowns that there are millions and millions more that either claimed asylum; were just allowed to come into our country without claiming asylum; or invaded undetected. What a waste of money.

Again, there wouldn’t be a need to budget money for detention beds, or asylum processors if you had just closed the border in the first place. You notice there is no money allocated for building the wall. Unbelievable!

Improving Foreign Infrastructure but Not American

While the American-hating left could care less about improving conditions in our own nation, this whacko budget is putting billions into foreign countries. The Budget advances the President’s goal of mobilizing $200 billion for infrastructure investment in low- and middle-income countries by 2027, building on the $30 billion in financing already mobilized by the Administration, which was announced by the President at the May 2023 G7 Summit. Oh, and there’s plenty more money being doled out to other countries as our communities, infrastructure, and security rot on the vine.


The package also includes $10.5 billion for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for maintaining “pay equity” to protect the TSA workers’ rights. Are you kidding me? Why even have a TSA if you are going to allow illegal invaders to waltz right through the TSA checkpoints to board free flights to the place of their choosing.

Climate Hoax

And, of course we couldn’t forget the climate crazies and the vast amount of wasteful spending that is earmarked for the climate hoax. I won’t even begin to give you that data because I realize you are feeling as nauseous as I am about now. But, here’s just a hint of the ridiculousness. They have earmarked funds for solar energy in states where the sun shines the least. I’m speechless.

Federal Student Aid

Here’s another doozie. The budget provides $2.7 billion for the Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA). This is allegedly needed to provide better support to the 46 million student loan borrowers and “make additional and necessary improvements in the new servicing system.” Wait a minute. Is sneaky Joe continuing to defy SCOTUS’s ruling on forgiving student loan debt and using this money as his “forgiving fund”? Shame on you, Joe!

LGBTQ+ Groups

Okay, I’ve had about enough, yet I had to share the most disgusting allocation of tax-payer money hidden from plain site. A few earmarks are geared toward the LGBTQ++++ groups – one in New Jersey called “Teens Like Us LGBTQAI2s+” (sponsored by Cory Booker and the corrupt Bob Menendez), and the other in Wisconsin for one called “Briarpatch Youth Services” which has recently removed from its website references to their gender affirming clothing line. Both of these groups provide minors with gender-affirming “modified” underwear for trans-teens, (called “binders” and “gaffs”) to hide their God-given gender. Oh, and they brag that this can all be done without parental consent. I’m disgusted and outraged that our tax dollars are supporting this evil.

Each Taxpayer’s Burden

There are about 160 million taxpayers in America, based on income tax returns filed. So, a $1.2 trillion spending bill costs over $7,500 per taxpayer. Each district elects a representative to Congress to represent its needs. We send these well-paid individuals to Congress for the full-time job of legislating. Yet, they go there and manage to spend a staggering sum on climate change nonsense, and “tweaked” underwear for trans folks.

Single Issue Stand-Alone Bills

If our elected legislators want their “high on the hog” pork-filled earmark, then submit single-issue or stand-alone bills. That would certainly bring transparency to the surface, and would certainly affect re-election outcomes for many radical left members of Congress. The annual budget should contain the bare minimum to actually keep the government doing the limited tasks set forth by our founders. All other bills should be single-issue or stand-alone bills, period! That way, true examination and debate can be presented, and sane votes can take place … ya know, the real legislative process.

Future of the United States

We cannot last as a republic with this massive national debt. Our Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves, especially Alexander Hamilton , our first Treasury Secretary who favored a limited, controllable debt, and stated,

“A national debt, if it is not excessive, will be to us a national blessing.”

Well, our nation is in crisis. These past 3 ½ years have caused every aspect of our society to spiral out-of-control. Vote as if your life depends on it because it just might. Vote for people who will truly legislate, the way our founders intended. And, why not lean on the Almighty – His ways are always wise!

“For the Lord your God will bless you just as He promised you; you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow; you shall reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over you.” — Deuteronomy 15:6

Mist Carter is Christian patriot who is the author of three books. Her most recent release, “We the People—Daily Devotional for Loving God & Country” is now available. Her previous books are titled, “Our Crumbling Foundation—Will God Cancel Us?” and “God’s Truth About America!” Proceeds from all her book sales go to support Tunnel to Towers!

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