Update Washoe County:

Nevada Election Litigation Heard in Carson City

November 20, 2023

The long-awaited hearing on Robert Beadles’ election administration and integrity lawsuit occurred today in Carson City District Court regarding Plaintiff’s motion for a change of venue to Lyon County and the Defendants’ motion to dismiss with prejudice. Defendants include Washoe County Commission Chair Alexis Hill, County Manager Eric Brown, Registrar of Voters Jamie Rodriguez, and Washoe County (a political subdivision and employer).

Judge Russell denied the motion to change venue and allowed arguments to proceed regarding motion to dismiss over the objection of Mr. Beadles. Judge Russell then granted the motion to dismiss.

Regarding the change of venue, Judge Russell stated he was ignorant of the Plaintiff and any issues regarding election irregularities in Washoe County and related public smears between parties, so he’s not biased. He stated that the Plaintiff failed to adequately prove bias was not present in Lyon County. He stated that a change of venue to Yerington would create a burden on litigants to have to travel that far. (2 hours from Reno. Carson City is 30 minutes.)

Regarding the motion to dismiss, Judge Russell appeared to ignore Beadles’ mountain of evidence by saying the relief requested cannot be granted. This was after Beadles succinctly laid out a handful of issues in which the judge could intervene and ensure the law is faithfully followed. The judge has the authority to discipline the Defendants under NRS 283.440. The judge has the power to halt corruption and illegality associated with certain voting equipment and procedures, and can ensure that cessation of signature verification, as evidenced in sworn affidavits by election workers in 2022, does not happen again. But the judge didn’t see it that way.

The Judge did indulge the incorrect opinion of the Washoe County Judge Drakulich, who granted a change of venue to Carson City, that no issue of fact requires a jury. Mr. Beadles’ attempt to secure a jury trial was thwarted by Judge Russell who simply ignored the facts. To put it another way, if the facts are true and accepted then to not intervene would be to allow malfeasance, malpractice, and fraud in our elections. Election officials can act with impunity. That’s what Judge Russell just did!

If there is a question of fact then a jury trial is required for those issues.

Judge Russell did not dispel or toss out any evidence. He also did not explain why the evidence and pleadings were unsuccessful in opposition to the motion to dismiss. Will this possibly come out in his written opinion?

The big question remains. What can voters do when they catch the gatekeepers doing a bad or crooked job in the conduct of elections?

Judge Russell would have us all in chains because he denied a solid argument that government employees and elected officials are not above the law.

by John Q. Citizen

 (The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)