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“Education Governor” Lombardo: Follow FL Gov. DeSantis’ Lead

Beginning July 1, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will begin to enact both an immediate AND a long-term fix for Florida’s public schools.

If Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo cares as much about our half-a-million school children as he claims, nothing will prevent him from doing the same thing for Nevada’s public school students and their families that DeSantis did for Florida’s.

Please forward this article to anyone you know who has a connection with Gov. Lombardo and his team.

MOVE #1: An IMMEDIATE Fix for Florida’s Public Schools

DeSantis passed an only-one-of-its-kind universal voucher plan for ALL parents, regardless of income or race.

All parents of school-age children will annually receive the same amount of money school districts receive to educate children, but parents choose where and how to educate their children. This is a national first that allows ALL students to escape the dysfunctional public schools and forces public schools to compete for students.

Read more about Florida’s voucher plan: [HERE]

MOVE #2: A LONG-RANGE Preventive Fix

Additionally, DeSantis just made Florida the first state that will decertify College Departments of Education who fail to rid their teacher preparation programs of their social justice focus and will require that teachers themselves be more academically qualified to effectively instruct their students including the following:

Current classes that teach Critical Race Theory and the Principles of Equity will be replaced by classes such as “Core Teaching Strategies” and “Mathematics Content for Elementary Teachers.”
Classes presently teaching that traditional school discipline is an offshoot of White supremacy will be replaced with a class on “Core Principles of Classroom Behavior Management.”

Teacher training curriculum will no longer teach that the theories of systemic racism, sexism, oppression, and privilege are inherent in United States institutions. Instead, programs will give teacher candidates the opportunity to achieve mastery of academic program content themselves and learn instructional strategies.

Academic classes for future teachers will have more academic rigor and will no longer focus on the teachers’ own individual biases.

Read more about Florida’s removal of social justice indoctrination of future teachers: [HERE]

Governor Lombardo CAN – and SHOULD – immediately implement both of DeSantis’ initiatives. UNR’s Department of Education is poisoning future teachers with the same biased curriculum and racist philosophies that DeSantis is REMOVING in Florida.

If you haven’t recently or ever written to Lombardo to tell him about Nevada’s education crisis to demand change, NOW is the time to do it.

“I would tell the parent or grandparent of ANY school-age child: Do whatever you have to do to keep your children OUT of our WCSD public schools. Not only are the children NOT LEARNING, but they are also NOT SAFE.”

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