ECI Trumps DEI

ECI Trumps DEI?

The economy, crime and immigration (ECI) will be the dominant issues in our November election in the debate over who is best suited to lead our nation over the next four years.

When rent, food, fuel, insurance, utilities and taxes exhaust your income and simple pleasures such as dining out or, heaven forbid, taking a brief vacation are denied you, do you really care about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)?

How about when your home is invaded or you and your vehicle are carjacked? Even if the perps are arrested, they are now released, with or without bail, so are you really getting your tax dollars’ worth in terms of the safety your government is supposed to provide you?  Must you now revert to armed self-defense as the first line of protection? Fortunately, in Nevada we have a ‘castle doctrine’ and a ‘stand your ground’ doctrine embedded in the Nevada Revised Statutes, allowing for lethal force to be used to repel criminals who threaten you.

And what do we say to the millions of legal immigrants who stood in line, filled out the paperwork, took an oath to this country and paid their taxes when ten million illegal criminal invaders here now do none of that and continue to rape, assault and rob our citizens?

Maybe DEI should now stand for detained, expelled and incarcerated?

By Thomas Daly

(Thomas Daly is a resident of Washoe County)

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)