Embroiled Library Director Jeff Scott

Does the Washoe County Library System Treat All Citizens Equally?

Unfair Treatment of Conservative Voices

Public dissatisfaction with the Washoe County Library system and Library Director Jeff Scott has resulted in several complaints submitted to the Library Board of Trustees. According to the complaints, Scott and numerous library employees have marginalized conservative voices, minimizing their representation, input, and access to library resources. The large majority of library employees are registered Democrats. In a March 13 letter to the Library Board of Trustees, legal counsel for Valerie Fiannaca wrote,

“Collectively, these instances reveal a systemic effort led by Jeff Scott to not only show contempt for conservative values but also actively work towards marginalizing conservative voices within the Washoe County Library System. This pattern of behavior not only undermines the library’s role as a neutral space for open discourse but also significantly impacts the inclusivity and diversity of the community it serves.” …

“The conduct of Jeff Scott, as detailed through various instances and communications within the Washoe County Library System, highlights a troubling scenario where the library—a taxpayer-funded institution meant to serve as a neutral space for community engagement and learning—has been commandeered to further personal political ideologies.”

The letter details some of the complaints submitted regarding Scott’s actions and leadership:

  • Unilaterally suspending patrons without cause
  • Attempting to discriminate against patrons based on their perspectives on public matters
  • Marginalizing and ridiculing conservatives; creating an environment of contempt for conservative values and individuals
  • Refusing to schedule conservative events in the library while expediting and welcoming events and activities with progressive perspectives
  • Misrepresenting conservative viewpoints and inaccurately reporting speakers’ comments with the intent of portraying speakers’ perspectives and comments during library board meetings
  • Leveraging media connections to portray conservative library board appointees negatively
  • Marginalizing conservative elements within the library’s governance structure
  • Using Drag Queen Story hour to further a specific ideological stance
  • Alienating a significant portion of the community and creating conflict by prioritizing and favoring LGBTQ activities in the library system
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Scott has a history of aggression against patrons with multiple police reports filed against him including assault and battery.

By Staff

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