Election reform now, Verify, No machines, handcounted paper ballots, voting/counting at precinct level, no central processing, no outside vendors

Elections: Call to Action

Demand the following from your County Clerk, Registrar of Voters, and County Commissioners:

  • Complete voter validation, ballot tabulation, and report results at the precinct level, not at the county level.
  • Discontinue all ERIC and similar contracts nationwide. Instead, counties should maintain the county’s registration rolls without using outside vendors.
  • Clean your voter registration rolls! Even better, dump them entirely and make everyone re-register under extreme scrutiny to confirm that every entry is legitimate. This the fastest way to fix the problem.
  • Cross-reference the voter rolls against other states to ensure that there are no duplicate registrations.
  • Lock voter rolls 30-90 days before elections. Preserve them on paper.
  • Discontinue the use of electronic poll books. Instead, use paper poll books only.
  • Discontinue ballot counting at the county level. Instead, use precinct-based counting at the precinct location only. Do not allow ballots to be transported out of precincts until the precinct count is finalized.
  • No machine-counted ballots. No use of computers, scanners, or printers in the precinct. Instead, hand-count paper ballots only.
  • Discontinue mail-in ballots. Instead, distribute ballots directly to the voters when they arrive at the precinct voting location.
  • Disallow eVoting and phone voting (in planning stages now).
  • Discontinue election “seasons.” Instead, limit voting to one or two days.
  • Discontinue accepting and processing of late-arriving ballots. Instead, ballots must be received by the end of Election Day to be counted.
  • Discontinue reporting “unofficial” results and delayed “official” results. Instead, all official results are to be reported at close of Election Day.
  • Do not allow illegitimate ballots into the system through eVoting. Instead, guarantee that disabled voters, overseas voters, and anyone using the eVoting method are identified and validated with 100% accuracy.
  • Present your requests or demands for a hand-counted, paper ballot election to your county commissioners or supervisors, not just your county clerk or registrar of voters.

Most important … VOTE!

When everyone votes, the number of non-voters on the voter rolls decreases. Reducing the number of non-voters removes the number of names whose votes can be used illegally. Urge everyone you know to vote!