Brave Books Story Hour August 2023

“See You at the Library”

Event Packs the Crowds!

Brave Books Story Hour August 2023

Jennifer Brewster, reads “As You Grow” during BRAVEBOOKS Story Hour at the South Valleys Library in Reno.

On Saturday, August 5th thousands of families in 46 states rallied and held 304 children’s story hours in local libraries. These nationwide “See You at the Library” events promoted BRAVEBOOKS, virtuous stories that focus on morals. TV celebrity and author Kirk Cameron has seen a massive response to these events as evidence that there is a growing emphasis by parents to support a value change in messages that children receive in our culture.

Brave Books Story Hour South Valleys Library August 2023

Local volunteers Sandee Tibbitts and Stacey Piro donned Pooh and Eeyore costumes at the Story Hour.


The average story hour has approximately 10 or so children in attendance. This event held 47 children along with 13 adult volunteers and another 17 parents. Events in larger cities hosted hundreds and even thousands of people at these popular gatherings held in theaters and various arenas.

Sandee Tibbett dressed as Eeyore, the donkey character in the Christopher Robin stories, shared, “ I want kids to be kids, growing and learning without a care in the world. The innocent imagination of a child should be nurtured and protected to grow and flourish. I went as Eeyore to help strengthen their childhood imagination and give them a wholesome memory to remember and to have fun. It was amazing fun, and I’d love to do it again!

Brave Books Story Hour August 2023

An extra room was opened by library staff to accommodate the crowd at BRAVEBOOKS Story Hour.

Two local organizations, Wake Up Washoe County and LeRue Press, joined the movement and hosted the event at the South Valleys Library in Reno. The hour-long gathering held a cheerful, wholesome mood and was problem free. After the flag salute and a brief opening prayer, children listened to Jennifer Brewster read the BRAVE BOOK, “As You Grow” by Kirk Cameron. “We decided it was a good idea to join other cities across the country and do this event,” commented Nichelle Hull, founder of Wake Up Washoe County. “Many families are concerned right now about the level of confusion children are in regarding their biological sex, as well as their general mental health. But these books have truthful concepts that help kids, and are not harmful or confusing in any way.”

Kirk Cameron Brave Books

“As You Grow” held by Author Kirk Cameron with Brave Books.

What were the virtues that these books covered? “Today we learned about being strong inside and being faithful to our families. Kiddos had fun and learned something too,” Nichelle explained.

Janice Hermsen, co-founder of LeRue Press and radio host for the What’s the Story? show, describes why LeRue Press got involved. “We heard about Kirk’s event and, being a publisher, decided it was a great way to share wholesome books with kids and parents in our area. Brave Books has a purpose, ‘To honor God by shaping a future generation of Americans, who will fight for a nation defined by freedom, truth, humility, bravery, and compassion.’ We wanted to be part of that purpose.”

Recent controversy has surrounded some of the events where movement founder Kirk has been the storyteller. He has been involved a lawsuit against an out-of state library whose staffed block his readings. The controversy involves the fact that libraries spend thousands of tax-funded dollars to promote and market Drag Queen Story Hour events to the community. In opposition, this popular story hour, which is unobjectionable for kids to attend and costs zero in taxpayer funds to promote, has unarguably more community attendance.

Janice Hermsen commented, “The parents came up and thanked us for the event. The kids were having fun singing and listening to the stories, and the librarians even got their grabber out to help us get the helium balloons down from the ceiling. It was a great way to spend an hour!”

How did the South Valleys Reno library staff treat the community at this event? “I was pleased that everyone here was treated with respect,” according to Valerie Fiannaca, one of the grandparents present.

To purchase BRAVEBOOKS or LeRue Press books for children, visit If more families would like to see the value-based books read in Story Hour, such as was the case in this event, they can use the how-to guide on the sponsor’s website WakeUpWashoeCounty.

Brave Books Story Hour South Valleys Library August 2023

Eager audience members waiting for story time.

Brave Books Story Hour August 2023

Opening prayer before the singing and reading begin.

Brave Books Story Hour August 2023

Flag salute before the singing and reading begin.






Brave Books Story Hour August 2023

Stacey Piro as Winnie the Pooh and a lively group of kids!


Brave Books Story Hour August 2023

Janice Hermsen of LeRue Press with co-sponsor Wake Up Washoe County directed all the fun at Story Hour.

Nichelle Hull of Wake Up Washoe County with co-sponsor Janice Hermsen introduces the Story Hour reader.