Commentary: Sanctions, Sanctions, and Speedy Reporting …

“Me thinks thou doth protest too much”

by Janice Hermsen

August 9, 2023, I opened a social media post to find that Robert Beadles was being threatened with sanctions because he filed a lawsuit against the Registrar of Voters, Jamie Rodriguez, the Washoe County Manager, Eric Brown, the Chairwoman for the Washoe County Board of Commissioners, Alexis Hill, Washoe County, Nevada and Does I-X, and ROE Corporations I-X. I know; I omitted some of the legal terminology from the suit, but you get the idea.

On the evening of August 8, 2023, Mark Robison filed a story about the sanctions (which as of this writing, he keeps adding to instead of writing a follow up story).

My commentary is in reference to the DA’s Motion for Sanctions and Mark Robison’s quick response on the day the sanction letter was sent to Robert Beadles.

I am not a legal scholar. I can tell you I read the complaint Robert Beadles posted on his site, Operation Sunlight. His comment in that post is that he is not trying to overturn an election: “This isn’t about changing past election results; this is about ensuring our votes going forward count legitimately for all legal voters as we cast them, and the people who are failing to do their jobs for whatever reason end up in the unemployment line.”

I added the bold type. Because that’s what I see in this suit. Ultimately, those people make the elections unsafe in Washoe County.

Full disclosure, I had a personal experience with one of the defendants in this suit in 2022. A group of us lawfully challenged voters that should have been removed from the voter rolls. She refused to investigate over 300 voters submitted to her. No reason given to those of us who submitted them. I think she removed 12. And made sure she reported that to the Nevada Independent. But not us. Hmmm.

We all PERSONALLY had knowledge these voters had moved. They do not live in the state anymore. Many of them filed change of address forms providing clear evidence they had moved. Still no removal from the voter rolls. Instead, the ROV changed their address on the rolls. I wonder if they got a ballot. Sorry. Sarcasm. I don’t think they voted in 2022. But I digress.

If you go through the entire sanction letter, you’ll see a lot of “reasons” for sanctions. Interestingly, they state “Beadles lacks a reasonable basis in fact or law to pursue his claims and requested relief”. If you look at the picture below, these are the binders he submitted to The Court and the defendants (in print per the request of the court).

Mail-in ballots in boxes in trunk of Tesla. Small dog inside as well.

Photo credit Operation Sunlight.

I thought when you filed a lawsuit, you provided your side of the story and the defendants provided theirs and then either a jury or a judge decides the case. Instead, in this case and as I discovered, in the Deanna Spikula case that Beadles filed in 2022, he received a threat of sanctions.

That’s right. Not once, twice. Once on August 9, 2022 the Spikula case and now August 8, 2023 the case he filed in July, 2023.

They never acted on the August 9, 2022 threat. No sanctions there.

My other concern and part of the reason for writing this commentary is the fact that Mark Robison was notified, (I guess), that the sanctions letter was going to Beadles that day before Robert Beadles had an opportunity to respond (or maybe even read) the sanctions letter, Robison was contacting him for comment and preparing the article for publication. I guess Mark has a direct line to public records. Mine take as much as 2 months and I know some people that have waited much longer. Maybe I should ask him to submit some of my requests. Just kidding.

Whether the Beadles case is valid or not should be determined in a court of law. Just because the DA or the County do not agree with his complaint should not automatically trigger a sanctions letter.  Like many of you reading this, I’m a huge fan of the First Amendment. It’s not just about free speech; it is also about the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Again, emphasis added by me.

So, just to sum it up

1)     Beadles filed a lawsuit in 2022 (Spikula) and got threatened with sanctions by the DA but they didn’t act on it. (August 9, 2022)
2)     Beadles filed a lawsuit July 2023 (Rodriguez) and got threatened with sanctions by the DA (August 8, 2023) Weird…almost a year to the day.
3)     Robison, RGJ reporter knew about the sanctions letter Beadles received the day he received it and asked for a comment.
4)     By that evening, article was written and published in the RGJ by 6 p.m. (That was fast!)

One more disclosure: I have worked with Robert Beadles, but he has no idea I’m writing this. I’m also what has been “labeled” an election denier in today’s terms. I don’t deny any elections. I deny that they are being handled competently and with the best interest of the people in mind. People in government work for us, remember? And we have a First Amendment Right to Petition the Government for a redress of our grievances. Don’t forget that either.

I have done my own research and recommend you do too. If you have a different opinion, I will listen, but I will provide you my knowledge of the facts too. We can discuss and then agree or agree to disagree if we must.

This article, commentary, opinion is mine only. It does not reflect the opinion of any other business or organization.

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