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Beadles and the Truth v. Partisan Media Snark

The following is a conversation between RGJ columnist Pat Hickey and Paul White of Education Crusade regarding the 5/29/24 article attacking Robert Beadles.

Pat –

Your RGJ essay couldn’t be more wrong regarding Robert Beadles.

ALL of Beadles’ political targets, and more, are unarguably guilty of lulling the county into the frog-in-boiling-water metaphor. Prior to Beadles’ arrival, it had become normal in Washoe County to allow the Commissioners, the ROV’s office, the school district, the court system, the CARES Campus cabal, and city council members to misappropriate the powers of their offices unchallenged, promote their personal political agendas, rig the elections, and mysteriously disappear mega-millions, while ALL of their projects failed to accomplish anything but destroying our Constitutional freedoms and quality of life.

To even question ANY of these failed groups and individuals is now considered dangerous anti-democracy activity, which the County has sought to control by passing an unconstitutional, communist-quality policy threatening a person with incarceration who even dares to criticize these officials?

Too much else to say to explain how 180 degrees wrong was your assessment of Robert Beadles’ activity and character.

The local leaders that Beadles exposes don’t hate Beadles because they don’t LIKE him. They hate him because they are NOT like him: selfless, truly working for the public good, consistently telling the truth, morally courageous, upholding Constitutional provisions, and shamelessly proclaiming his Christian faith. 

And just for the record, let ME be very clear regarding where I stand in regard to the Beadles’ targets you mentioned:

• Devon Reese IS a disgusting, self-serving, no-accomplishments council member who thinks part of his job is promoting the homosexual political agenda.

• Clara Andriola IS a completely clueless Commissioner who knows next to nothing about the countless critical issues she gets to vote on.

• Eric Brown could not BE more incompetent and out of his depth as County Manager and should have been replaced long ago.

• Board President Beth Smith CONTINUES to shred the futures of 60,000 children, using them as a shield to cover her total mismanagement of the School Board, and her fearful refusal to confront these issues and publicly debate me regarding our dysfunctional schools.

Finally … the RGJ definitely DID make a shrewd decision to make you and your leftist perspective their ONLY regular contributing columnist. They let you and your columns periodically pitch the RGJ’s progressive agenda hidden behind a cover of Opie-Andy-Barney-and-Aunt Bee “aw-shucks” styled reminiscences about the good ol’ days in this area before those dangerous people who actually believe in the rule of law and transparent politics moved into town.

St. Paul said in the Bible to be ready for the good fight (I Tim. 6:12) … and Robert Beadles, myself, and countless others (and growing) definitely ARE. Our “fight” is for the Soul of America, as we work hard to answer in the affirmative the question Abe Lincoln asked long ago on a famous Pennsylvania battlefield:

Can a “nation so conceived and so dedicated (to honest open government) long endure?” –Abe Lincoln

We believe it can – and must – if there is to be any hope for freedom in this world. You and your clearly chosen “side” clearly want it replaced with tyranny, favoritism, and no rule of law. The struggle for the hearts and future of our county is just beginning.

Paul D. White

(Columnist Pat Hickey wrote back, with veiled snark, and I responded.)

On Thu, May 30, 2024 at 5:55 AM Pat Hickey <> wrote:

Dear Paul—I have to say I appreciate your letter because it helps me understand why persons like yourself support Robert Beadles. He chose not to respond to me for the column itself.

Pat Hickey

Pat –

Why would Robert Beadles have responded to your column?

If you’d had any interest in presenting an objective commentary on his activities, you would have contacted him BEFORE you wrote it.

If my response helped you understand my position, you’re ahead of me.

Try as I might, I can’t find a single cause or individual – not one – championed by you and the side you obviously believe in – at a local or national level – that would make sense to any rational human being.

To me, the growing divide within our nation hinges on the greatly differing positions about the topic that rarely merits even a name-only mention from you and yours: religion.

Christianity’s teachings are the heartbeat that animates and dictates our side’s position and actions. To your side, which deifies mortal reasoning and ignores the God we worship, the message of the Bible and Jesus Christ, are just an anachronistic footnote to history that have no relevance in today’s world. And there’s the rub.


(by Paul White)

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)