Emergency Room with text America Part 5

America on Life-Support

Part 5: Biden Lies

Joe Biden with Pinocchio nose and background of pants on fireAs we continue with this series about the condition/health of our republic, the question to ask is, “Have we gotten to the point of needing to pull the plug?” So far we have examined our lack of election integrity; the erosion of our education system as result of a socialist agenda; our corrupt and biased media that is culpable for hiding truth to Americans; our vulnerable military weakness; the plight at our southern border; and the climate crisis hoax. These are just a few of the topics that have brought our nation to its knees and require emergency treatment.

By far the worst president in American history, Joe Biden has earned that crown as a result of greed, his craving for power, and his narcissistic approach to life itself. The main tools in his bag of tricks is his relentless spewing of lies and deception. He’s simply a serial-liar. While many astute Americans are on to his game, sadly there are thousands and thousands who are not — again, thanks to our unscrupulous media!

“The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in those who tell the truth.” Proverbs 12:22

While many of Joe’s lies are personal embellishments of his life, we view those with rolled-eyes and chalk them up to pseudo entertainment. But, he doesn’t limit his falsehoods to merely his biography — he proclaims mistruths and fabrications that impact we the people, sometimes to point of putting our national security at risk. Let’s review a sampling of this “pants-on-fire” president’s lies.

Biden lies about China

China is quickly encroaching on numerous countries at breakneck speed, for fear that Biden won’t get re-elected (which is also one of our most fervent prayers.) Biden ignores:

  • the surveillance balloons flying over our nation;
  • China’s encroachment on Taiwan and Hong Kong;
  • China’s BFF relationship with Russia;
  • China’s human rights atrocities with the Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims;
  • the labor rights violations taking place in six African countries on the part of Chinese companies, all in order to get the much needed minerals to dominate the battery industry. This is just a drop in the bucket of China’s plan for world dominance.

In 2013, China launched its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which was designed to invest over $1 trillion on new infrastructure in numerous countries in South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. They select the poorest regions, then enter as “knights in shining armor” to build up their infrastructure through loans that these countries are having great difficulty in paying back.

But don’t be fooled. China is worming its way into these nations to eventually take over trade, control their economy, and eventually their governments and military. Currently, China has gained enormous control of the Panama Canal. Now what harm could that do? Don’t think for a moment that China isn’t encroaching on the United States. They are preparing to build a military base in Cuba — less than 100 miles from American soil. And why not? After all, look who’s running our government. Additionally, there is currently an imbalance of trade between the U.S. and China, with our imports from China over $575 billion, compared to $154 of exports to China.

But because Biden is in the wallet, so-to-speak, with this communist nation, he has not taken the necessary measures to de-couple from the heavy reliance on one country — especially a country who wants to take down America. Not only is the imbalance of trade an issue, but so many financial investments, especially those connected with pension and 401K accounts, are linked to China.

Those are not the only risks we have with China. Biden and his corrupt family have allegedly made millions through influence peddling schemes with China (as well as, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, and Russia.) What kind of sensible and safe foreign policies can come from someone who is on the take with these countries? I could go on and on about this topic, but there is plenty of coverage on it — that is if you look at the media sources that expose the truth.

You ask, why all the “ignores” (ignor-ance)? Just follow the money! Biden will look the other way when it comes to China, and fail to take any action to curtail their efforts to spread communism throughout the world. And he continues to lie to the American people. Sadly, that’s not the only topic about which Biden lies.

In chapter two of the Book of Daniel, it reveals how the prophet Daniel interprets a dream of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of the Babylonian Empire. Like China, the kingdom of Babylon was ruthless in its efforts for world dominance, which actually came from God Himself.

“Your Majesty, you are the greatest of kings. The God of heaven has given you sovereignty, power, strength, and honor.” Daniel 2:37

After Nebuchadnezzar’s time there would be more kingdoms, each of which would be inferior to the one that went before it in glory, though still strong and of wide-ranging power. The good news is that in the end, God will establish His final kingdom, which will ultimately destroy all other kingdoms, and will endure forever. This world and its constantly changing kingdoms are not what life is all about. America has lost its way by putting God on the back burner and instead focusing on the worldly things.

Are we in pursuit of God’s Kingdom or this world’s kingdom? When our lives, our Constitution, and our republic seem to be crumbling because of the evil that lurks around us, there is hope. There is a time coming when the kingdom of this world will become the Kingdom of our God. We can’t do anything to prevent Him from accomplishing His purposes, for the final chapter of history has already been written. And we can all lean on Him for strength, courage, and peace until that day.

During the reigns of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed or conquered. It will crush all these kingdoms into nothingness, and it will stand forever.” Daniel 2:44

Biden lied to Gold Star Families

It was heart-wrenching to hear the parents of the 13 military personnel that were killed by a suicide bomber at the Kabul airport during Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, share their stories during a congressional forum on August 7, 2023. And of course, ABC, CBS, and NBC failed to cover this story that day. Oh, that’s right, they’re not journalists.

Yet, there was a glimmer of hope when Jake Tapper of CNN actually had the mother of one of the Marines lost during that tragic event on the following day. She started her interview with a bit of admonishment for CNN and other networks failure to share truth.

First, Biden, Blinken, Milley, Austin and the rest of the clowns running the show lied about the number of troops that should be kept in Afghanistan during and after the withdrawal. Then Biden blamed Trump, of course, as he does with all his other blunders.

Then Biden and company lied when they claimed that Kabul’s fall came as a surprise, and they had no choice but to rely on the Taliban for security. A fifth-grader could figure out that this plan (or lack thereof) would end in disaster. Of course, Joe isn’t quite as smart as a fifth-grader. Biden lied when he said that al-Qaeda was no longer in Afghanistan following the withdrawal. That’s odd, because hadn’t U.S. forces taken out (with a drone strike) al-Queda’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri who was living in downtown Kabul less than a year after the withdrawal?

By ignoring intelligence on the ground in Afghanistan and failing to make proper preparations prior to the withdrawal — like removing the billions of dollars in military weaponry; U.S. citizens; and Afghan citizens who had helped the U.S., the situation became a catastrophe. Yet, no one has been held accountable.

To top it off, instead of being the empathetic Commander in Chief to the Gold Star Families, as he has touted himself to be, he lied about his own son’s death by claiming it was in Iraq. Bottom line — Biden lied, and people died!

“An honest witness does not lie; a false witness breathes lies … Stay away from fools, for you won’t find knowledge on their lips.” Proverbs 14:4,7

Biden lies about our Southern Border crisis

Not going to go into too much about this other planned catastrophe, but you can find much more detail in part three of this series “Is America on Life-Support?” Suffice it to say, Biden and Mayorkas have blatantly lied about the number of illegal aliens crossing our border, as well, as the number of criminals, terrorists, deadly drugs (like fentanyl), MS-13 gang members, and the tragic number of humans being trafficked for commercial sex and labor abuses.

Biden’s lies about the economy

With a job approval in the 30’s, telling the truth wouldn’t save old Joe now. Even if folks don’t receive their news from sources that are willing to tell the good, bad, or ugly truth, they are feeling economic truths in their wallets. Yes, the COVID plan-demic caused our thriving economic situation under the previous administration to decline to concerning levels. However, this current free-fall was totally avoidable.

Biden lied to America about the reason gas and diesel prices are off-the-charts, claiming that U.S. oil companies are making excessive profits. In June 2022, Biden ordered these companies to take immediate action to increase the supply of these fuels. Hey Joe, you are the one who disrupted the energy markets by first shutting down the Keystone Pipeline; limiting permitting on natural gas projects; and ordering development restrictions on federal land and water. More importantly Mr. President, stop depleting our Strategic Petroleum Reserve that you are sending to China and others nations.

When Joe isn’t sitting under an umbrella on the beach at one of his expensive homes, he is making stops to tout his (what he believes to be) “successful Bidenomics.” My definition of success is quite different than Joe’s. He recently admitted that he regretted naming the bill “the Inflation Reduction Act” since it really “has nothing to do with inflation.” Instead, most of those monies have been used to fund renewable energy efforts to satisfy the climate alarmist campaign donors.

It doesn’t matter that the latest reports indicate the annual inflation rate has slightly lowered in the past couple of months. Just look at how high this administration raised inflation to record levels in the first three years of its term. It’s the same “shell game” with which they are gas-lighting Americans. Lyin’ Joe has repeatedly claimed — that he has created a record 12 million new jobs. Hogwash!!! He’s counting (using Common Core math) the jobs that were backfilled following the plan-demic. Those jobs were already created under the previous administration and were temporarily lost due to the China virus.

Biden, Congress, and the Fed’s reckless spending has added to our already high debt. Hey, Joe, have you ever heard of a government balanced budget? America roughly brings in $4.8 trillion of revenues annually. So, what do Joe et.al. do with tax-payer money? They spend over $7 trillion — completely irresponsibly! So, in all the spending bills that are passed, stop corrupting them with useless and costly earmarks that go to support the woke agenda of climate, gender, LGBT… issues, about which we the people could care less.

When we are paying 20 percent more for food, 40 percent higher for gas, and 25 to 50 percent more for home energy in the past two-and-a-half years, we have an economic mess. Most of this mess could have been avoided. Bottom line is that our income hasn’t risen to the level of the extreme increase in prices for energy, food, transportation (fuel), rent, mortgages, etc. So, Biden will continue to lie, as we see the truth everywhere we consumers turn around. As we all feel the impact of Biden’s inflationary policies, he keeps reeling in the dirty money from China, Ukraine, etc. for selling out America. Thanks Joe!

“The king establishes the land by justice, but he who receives bribes overthrows it.” Proverbs 29:4

I don’t think we need a second opinion regarding the health of America. All the vital signs indicate life-support may be imminent. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

Stay tuned for part six of “Is America on Life-Support?”

(Mist Carter is Christian patriot who is the author of two books: “Our Crumbling Foundation — Will God Cancel Us?” and, “God’s Truth About America!” Her third book “We the People — Daily Devotional for Loving God & Country” is set to be released in September 2023. Proceeds from her book sales go to support Tunnel to Towers! Contact the author at mistc33@gmail.com )

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