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If You Are Drowning in Multi-kulti

“The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”
Rev. M. L. King

by Toby Esterhase

An estimated 20% of the population of central Europe lost their lives in the 30 Years War (1618-1648) to prove a simple fact completely lost to modern globalists: A society can only survive if the population shares similar moral principles, culture and language. When a coherent society — aka a “nation” — forms a government, it’s called a “nation-state.” That was the result of the 30-Years War.

Kanzler Merkel reversed 350 years of precedent by flooding Germany with immigrants who have nothing in common with any traditional German values, morals, language or religion. France did the same, and France is burning tonight at the hands of Islamists demanding full voting rights since they are now the majority of the population.

Our country has not been over-run by foreigners quite yet.

But when society claims it has no traditions, no history, and no shared experience because it wants to go the “Multi-kulti” route, the result is that the society has no moral or agreed common values at all. Wokeism simply filled the void, and did so in the nastiest way possible.

We still have a chance to perfect a peaceful revolution to wrench this country from the grip of the wokeist psychopaths. Even though we are living in a police surveillance state without effective elections or voting rights, we do know from prior examples that the kind of revolution we need requires two essentials:

  • A shadow economy independent of government control that can be used to corrupt and compromise members of the elite
  • Social cohesion among the insurrectionists, whether brought about through a common religion or other means, which results in an ability to act rationally and with strong moral principles

I have addressed the first point in earlier writings. Societal change is really not within my ken, so I can only recommend the work of experts in the fields of societal cohesion, governance, and politics.

Therapists Come Forward to Heal Our Sick and Dissipated Society

Along comes the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (“The ARC”), founded by the best anti-woke thinkers widely known to the public.

Here are the group’s objectives:

earth from space with people all around

  • Facilitate the development of a responsible and educated citizenry
  • Define the proper role for the family, the community, and the nation in creating the conditions for prosperity
  • Govern our corporate, social and political organizations so that we promote free exchange and abundance while protecting ourselves against cronyism and corruption
  • Provide the energy and other resources upon which all economies depend in a manner that is inexpensive, reliable, safe and efficient, including in the developing world

The globalists have taken power through fear, creating perma-crises, and oppression through the use of fabricated narratives. The ARC team will spread factual counter-narratives, each of which is designed to re-normalize what most of us would call traditional values.

It’s Early Days Yet and You Can Participate

“We cannot address a negative story by being against the permacrisis, declinist, power-based narrative of today. We can only let go of a negative story by taking hold of a better story.” — Baroness Philippa Stroud, co-founder and CEO of ARC, Member of the House of Lords

The problem is, the ARC was just formed and it doesn’t have any accomplishments yet.

But in several ways, this is a good thing because it lets the rest of us watch their project evolve and, in fact, the general public is invited to participate with them through a formalized process of ingesting important ideas.

Progress is slow, in large part because the team is comprised of high profile contributors, many of whom are the top talent in their fields, from psychology to religion to Austrian school economists.

You can find them at: https://www.arcforum.com and https://www.arcforum.site/

The site is frequently under attack by leftist haters. So, if you cannot get through on the first try, wait a day and try again.

Have you been thinking about ways to counter wokeism and might have some strong opinions as to how to move society forward? The ARC Forum team would be interested in hearing from you through the survey they offer on the web site.

I think we will all look forward to this team making some real progress this year.

We desperately need them.

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)