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You Are “Disrupters” Not Concerned Constituents

Washoe County Commissioner Alexis Hill

[Alexis Hill appeared on the local online broadcast Nevada Newsmakers with Sam Shad on August 11. She discussed the county ordinance she supports requiring lobbyists to register with the county and wear badges identifying them as such whenever on county property. She stated in the interview that the twenty of so regular attendees and public commenters must be paid lobbyists.]

“Why else would anyone attend a meeting and stay throughout the entire 6 to 9 hour meetings.” Washoe County Commissioner Alexis Hill referring to County Commission public attendees

Detached. Ignorant. Clueless. Disgusting. Rude. Hypocritical. Hollow. Phony. Offensive. Repulsive. Corrupt.

These are just a few of the adjectives that ran through my head after watching the clown show masquerading as a news interview1 with Sam Shad interviewing Washoe County Commissioner Alexis Hill. It was a staged interview that was a failed attempt to cast a negative narrative against a group of Washoe County residents who come to these business meetings to voice their concerns, point out the obvious flaws in our county, and to offer solid solutions to those flaws. These are valid concerns, or as Hill likes to call them, “frustrations that continuously fall on deaf ears.” There are glaring flaws in our community, and no one in our local government cares to address any of them. The citizens constantly bring solid solutions to this board – solutions that are repeatedly ignored. And Sam Shad wants to know why there is a lack of dignity at these meetings? Good grief, isn’t it obvious?

Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. Being a bully with a gavel does not earn honor or respect. Praising your own sole decision to remove opening comments and silence the voices of your community, the same community you claim to love, does not earn you honor or respect. Gaslighting the people of this community with your racist propaganda does not earn you honor or respect.

Nobody in this community has ever referred to, mentioned, highlighted, pointed out or spoke about the color [County Manager] Eric Brown’s skin. Corruption does not discriminate against race. Corruption comes in all colors, as evidenced by the color of your white skin, Commissioner Hill.

Clearly you are using the local news media to try and further your criminal political career which was a grave mistake. You are not the victim as you are trying to portray to the community. The 5-9 hour meetings you so disdain is a result of your own actions. You did that, and you proudly own it, just like any good narcissist would. Anybody with critical thinking skills can see through your charade. You are in fear, and you should be, but t is not civil unrest that is coming for you. It is a freight train carrying a huge load of evidence, and it’s not slowing down. You are an expendable puppet who will be thrown onto the tracks to take the fall by the same people who installed you in that seat. Who is going to raise your daughter while you are in prison? Hopefully she will still be a a girl when you finally get out.

And the disrupters stay for the entirety of these meetings because we care about our county and our country. And for transparency, we lobby for God and nobody else. It is His signature on our paychecks.

Also, for the record, I wrote every damn word in this script and for you to imply otherwise is insulting.

by S. Tibbitts, Washoe County Resident

(The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Nevada Signal.)